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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Gossip Girl" Season Finale Review: I'm On Board Again

A season finale is good when it convinces the viewer to tune in next season.

But when a season finale convinces you to start watching a show again after you’d already given up on it, well, I would say that’s a really good finale.

And that’s exactly what I would say about the season finale of “Gossip Girl”…

I haven’t seen “Gossip Girl” in quite a while, but when the season finale ended up on my doorstep, I couldn’t resist. And surprisingly, I wasn’t all that lost.

It’s graduation day for Nate, Chuck, Dan, Serena and Blair. It’s a time for celebration until everyone receives a gift they weren’t expecting from Gossip Girl, who promises to follow them to college. But Serena decides enough is enough and declares war on our unseen narrator. But unfortunately, that leads to even more problems for her and her friends.

However, it helps Jenny, who’s in the running to be the new Queen Bee. She doesn’t want the title, but she wants to abolish the whole “monarchy.” However, in order to make that happen, she has to give a present to the girls making the decision—the juiciest piece of gossip possible.

Meanwhile, Lily and Rufus are still trying to sort out their relationship, or figure out whether or not they even still have a relationship.

But the stars of the episode are absolutely Chuck and Blair. It’s hard for me to believe that after despising Chuck so strongly after the series premiere that I could actually be rooting so hard for him to get together with Blair. But since they’re so perfect together, it would be really hard not to root for them. And they have A LOT of great scenes in the hour.

Not surprisingly the episode ends with more than one cliffhanger. There’s a bombshell for Serena, a possible re-coupling, a mysterious stranger and a Georgina sighting.

But it’s the ending that will hook you in because it is awesome.

And even though I know Josh Schwartz will find a way to mess it all up, I’m still on board for next season. And I think you will be too…

The season finale of “Gossip Girl” airs Monday, May 18th at 8 p.m. on The CW…

Photo Credit: Giovanni Ruffino/The CW