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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Prison Break" Series Finale: A Happy Ending?

So now that you’ve seen it, let’s talk about the series finale of “Prison Break.”

Warning: If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now…

On my Facebook page after I watched the finale I said the following, “Any "Prison Break" fans out there? I watched the series finale tonight and it's 45 minutes of "What's going on?" followed by 10 minutes of "Seriously?" followed by five minutes of "Are you kidding me?"

Wouldn’t you agree?

The first 45 minutes were pretty much a blur as we tried to figure out whose side everybody was on and whether Michael was going to save Lincoln or Sara. In other words, it was classic “Prison Break.” And the return of Kellerman was a great twist I didn’t see coming.

But then, after those manic 45 minutes—not to mention four seasons of insanity—we got hit with a big “Quantum Leap” ending to The Company as somehow everything just got washed away by Kellerman, who suddenly had important government contacts. And Lincoln, who had been near death’s door minutes earlier, was suddenly without a scratch. It was a little jarring.

However not nearly as jarring as what came next. As we appeared to finally get our happy ending with Sara and Michael walking down the beach together talking about becoming parents—BAM!—Michael’s nose started bleeding—a signal that The Company did not cure him of his tumor.

So it was no surprise to me what happened next. Four years into the future, we saw Sucre, Mahone, and Lincoln all leaving to go somewhere. Even before the reveal that the Michael Sara was talking to was her son, I knew that they were gathering to meet at Michael’s grave. And that’s when I got mad…

Now, I understand that “Break” is not really the kind of show that you would expect to have a happy ending. But Lincoln got a happy ending. Sucre got a happy ending. C-Note got a happy ending. Mahone got a happy ending. Even Kellerman got a happy ending, so to speak. So, with all of those happy endings, didn’t Michael and Sara deserve one as well?

In an interview with’s Michael Ausiello, Executive Producer Matt Olmstead defends the ending, saying “it is a happy ending.” Though I disagree with his assessment, he did say something that makes me feel a little better…

There is apparently more to the story…

Remember I told you about the “Prison Break: The Final Break” DVD which has an unseen two hours? Well, those two hours show what happens when Sara is arrested for killing Christina (Apparently Kellerman’s exoneration didn’t completely work.) and Michael has to find a way to save her and their child.

In the interview, Olmstead hints that Michael’s death was due to more than just his health issues. Apparently, there’s a sacrifice involved for his loved ones and friends.

And if so, I think that might actually justify killing him. After all, this is a guy who sacrificed his freedom just to save his brother. It wouldn’t be out of character for him to sacrifice his life for the woman he loves.

What do you guys think? Is there any justification for killing Michael or was a happy ending the only way to end this thing?

You can read the interview here. "Prison Break: The Final Break" hits stores July 21st...

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX and FOX Home Entertainment