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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is Your Favorite Show In Trouble?

This week is Upfront Week. That’s when the networks officially announce their 2009-2010 schedules and we find out once and for all which shows are not coming back.

So, before we get to those announcements, let’s ask the important question, is your favorite show in trouble?

We’ll look at each network in the order of how they will present this week…

FOX comes up first on Monday, and since renewing “Dollhouse” on Friday, really has no questions at all about renewals. “Sit Down, Shut Up” and “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” are done, although no formal announcement has been made. The biggest questions surrounding FOX are about what scheduling chances the network will take. One that’s already been announced is a fall edition of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

ABC comes up early in the morning on Tuesday with just a few questions remaining. “Samantha Who?” is the biggest question remaining, since “The Unusuals,” “Surviving Suburbia,” “Cupid” and “In the Motherhood” are all believed to be done. “Castle,” “Better Off Ted” and even “Scrubs” have all been renewed.

NBC will also announce their complete schedule on Tuesday, after doing its “Infront” earlier this month. “Chuck,” “Medium” and “My Name Is Earl,” and “Law & Order” are the remaining questions. Reports have “Medium” and “Law & Order” as sure things, with “Chuck” as a good bet and “Earl” most likely as a goner. If NBC cancels “Earl,” FOX could pick it up.

CBS takes the stage on Wednesday with a lot more questions than what you would expect from the #1 network. The problem for CBS is money and some fairly successful dramas could find themselves on the chopping block: “Cold Case,” “The Unit,” and “Without a Trace.” Comedies “Gary Unmarried,” “Rules of Engagement” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine” are also on the bubble. If CBS cancels “Christine,” it could get picked up by ABC. “Eleventh Hour” is believed to be a goner.

The week wraps up with The CW on Thursday. The only renewal question is “Privileged” since “Everybody Hates Chris,” “The Game” and “Reaper” are all believed to be goners. The biggest question for The CW is whether or not the “Gossip Girl” spin-off will make its schedule. Once believed to be a sure thing, its stock has faltered as of late.

I am firmly entrenched in the network publicity machines this week, so for all of the news on the renewals, pick-ups and scheduling changes keep checking right here throughout the week…

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX, Mitchell Haaseth/NBC, and Eric Ogden/CW