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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The "Desperate Housewives" Season Finale: Too Creepy?

So how about that “Desperate Housewives” season finale?

Warning: If you have not yet seen the season finale of “Desperate Housewives,” stop reading now…

Okay, let’s start with the bad…

Lynette is pregnant with twins? Am I the only one who thinks that’s beyond wrong? And didn’t they do that time jump to age her kids and avoid the baby thing? Now they want to do it again? Couldn’t they have just gone with her dealing with Tom going back to college?

Gaby and Carlos are raising a teenager who’s exactly like Gaby? Is that really necessary?

And did we really have to go through all of that creepiness just to get a Mike and Susan kiss? I thought that last shot of Dave was extremely reminiscent of the Joker, and it completely creeped me out—though I would give real kudos to Neal McDonough (Dave) for doing such a good job with the story. And I did love Edie reappearing to haunt him.

I do like the whole Bree-Karl thing because I think the show owes Richard Burgi (Karl) one, but it bothered me to see her and Orson still together two months later.

And speaking of two months later, just who is the bride underneath that huge veil that no bride would ever wear marrying Mike? The obvious guess would be Susan—especially since I think that would be the only reason that Karl would be at the wedding, and even that would be weird—but maybe that’s too obvious. Creator Marc Cherry has said that he plans for Mike and Susan to be together in the end, but maybe this is too early for that.

What do you guys think? And did you like the way the season wrapped up?