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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week's May Sweeps Schedule

This is the last full week of May sweeps. So it’s filled with season and series finales…

Here’s a sample of what you’re scheduled to see…

Monday, May 17th
House—8 PM—FOX—Season Finale
One Tree Hill—8 PM—CW—Season Finale
How I Met Your Mother—8 PM—CBS
**Judy Greer, Chris Kattan, Jason Lewis and Malin Ackerman guest.
Chuck—8 PM—NBC
**Scott Bakula returns.
Gossip Girl—9 PM—CW—Season Finale
The Big Bang Theory—9:31 PM—CBS
**A special flashback episode tells how Leonard and Sheldon met.
Castle—10 PM—ABC—Season Finale

Tuesday, May 18th
NCIS—8 PM—CBS—Season Finale, Part 1
90210—8 PM—CW—Season Finale
Glee—9 PM—FOX
**Joss Whedon directs and Neil Patrick Harris guests.
V—10:02 PM—ABC—Season Finale

Wednesday, May 19th
The Good Guys—8 PM—FOX—Series Preview
**Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks star in this action comedy.
I Get That A Lot—8 PM—CBS
**A new edition of the hidden camera special where celebrities pretend to be everyday workers.
America’s Next Top Model—8 PM—CW
**Clip show
The Middle—8:30 PM—ABC—Season Finale
Modern Family—9 PM—ABC—Season Finale
American Idol—9 PM—FOX
**The Top 2 are revealed.
Cougar Town—9:30 PM—ABC—Season Finale
Law & Order: SVU—10 PM—NBC—Season Finale

Thursday, May 20th
Bones—8 PM—FOX—Season Finale
Community—8 PM—NBC—Season Finale
Parks & Recreation—8:30 PM—NBC—Season Finale
Fringe—9 PM—FOX—Season Finale
CSI—9 PM—CBS—Season Finale
The Office—9 PM—NBC—Season Finale
Grey’s Anatomy—9 PM (2 hrs.)—ABC—Season Finale
30 Rock—9:30 PM—NBC—Season Finale
**Elizabeth Banks, Matt Damon, Will Forte, Julianne Moore and more guest.
The Mentalist—10 PM—CBS—Season Finale
**Leslie Hope guests.
The Marriage Ref—10 PM—NBC—Season Finale
**Demi Moore is one of the panelists.

Friday, May 21st
Ghost Whisperer—8 PM—CBS—Season Finale
Kitchen Nightmares—9 PM—FOX—Season Finale
Medium—9 PM—CBS—Season Finale
Miami Medical—10 PM—CBS—Season Finale

Saturday, May 22nd
Major League Baseball on FOX—7 PM—FOX
Lost—8 PM (2 hrs.)—ABC
**An encore presentation of the two-hour pilot

Sunday, May 23rd
Lost: The Final Journey—7 PM (2 hrs.)—ABC
**A two-hour retrospective
The Simpsons—8 PM—FOX—Season Finale
**The “American Idol” judges and Ryan Seacrest guest.
Brooks and Dunn: The Last Rodeo—8 PM (2 hrs.)—CBS
**A tribute to Brooks & Dunn
Minute to Win It—8 PM—NBC
**Kevin Jonas competes
The Cleveland Show—8:30 PM—FOX—Season Finale
Family Guy—9 PM (1 hr.)—FOX
**The broadcast premiere of the “Empire Strikes Back” parody, “Something, Something, Something Dark Side”
The Celebrity Apprentice—9 PM—NBC—Season Finale Pt. 2
**This season’s contestants return for the live finale. But will Bret Michaels be among them?
Lost—9 PM (2 ½ hrs.)—ABC—Series Finale
Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost—12:05 a.m.—ABC
**Much of the "Lost" cast is scheduled to reunite with Jimmy Kimmel.

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS and Danny Feld/ABC