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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tim Gunn and Iron Man Make It Work

You may recall that I confessed a few weeks ago that I’m a comic book geek. And you already know how much I adore Tim Gunn.

Would you believe they’re actually coming together?

Tim Gunn will join forces with Iron Man in August in a backup story in the pages of the comic, “Models, INC.” #1. According to the Marvel Comics press release, “Loaded Gunn” will be written by Marc Sumerak.

Here’s the story description from the press release: “The New York Museum of Fashion is hosting an exhibit of Iron Man’s armor—the best suits in the Marvel Universe. When a villainous threat crashes the event, it’s up to Iron Man to save the day, but he will need help from the man best-suited for the job: Tim Gunn.”

How awesome is that?

There will be two covers—the standard one drawn by Scott Clark and a Tim Gunn variant by Phil Jiminez. Two guesses which one I’ll be getting…

“Models, INC” is a four issue limited series set during Fashion Week featuring Marvel “fashionistas” like Mary Jane Watson, Patsy Walker and Millie the Model.

“Models, INC” #1 hits stands August 26th…

Photos Credit: Marvel Comics