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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

DVD Review: "Boston Legal" Season Five

There is no one who can walk the line between humor and drama better than David E. Kelley.

And I’m not sure any show showed that better than “Boston Legal.” Because even though the show boasted some of the silliest moments ever seen on television, it also had some of its most dramatic.

The final 13 episodes that aired last season definitely had their share of both. Now, you can relive them all with the release of “Boston Legal Season Five” on DVD.

It’s always good when a show goes out on a high note, and I’m not sure “BL” could have gone out any higher. I still consider the Thanksgiving episode an absolute masterpiece.

And if anyone still has lingering doubts about Denny and Alan getting married in the finale, those will be erased when you see the DVD featurettes about the finale and about Alan and Denny. I had never really thought of the two of them as a love story, but they truly are.

One of the interesting special features on DVDs is always the deleted scenes. And there’s usually one scene that you just can’t believe they cut out. But in this case, it’s an entire storyline as we get to see the deleted story of Denny’s daughter, who he meets for the first time. And this being “BL,” there’s of course a humorous twist to the story, as Alan actually ends up going out with her, much to Denny’s chagrin. The daughter was played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who you’ll recall, played the opposing counsel in the Supreme Court case in the finale. The producers liked her so much that after cutting her daughter story, they brought her back. I can see why Kelley cut it, but it’s still good, so I’m glad we can watch it on the DVD.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get any commentaries on the episodes. And I would love to see an interview with Kelley where he took on ABC for the terrible way it treated his show. But I guess he prefers to let the finished product speak for itself.

And boy, does it have a lot to say…

“Boston Legal Season Five” is available now…

Photo Credit: FOX Home Entertainment