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Monday, June 01, 2009

NASCAR Vs. Digger

I’m always a little sad when FOX’s part of the NASCAR season comes to an end, because I think their coverage is the best of the three networks.

But I’m thinking that maybe NASCAR may not share my sentiments…

Ratings are down this year, and according to one report, NASCAR is putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of an animated fuzzy creature.

That’s right. NASCAR is blaming Digger…

In an article on, FOX Sports Chairman David Hill said he received an e-mail from a “high-ranking NASCAR official” that told him that Digger was making people tune out.

Hill told, “It’s the biggest crock of [stuff] I’ve ever heard.”

And I’m afraid I have to agree. Because as much as I can’t stand Digger—and it’s a lot—I believe NASCAR should look somewhere else for its ratings woes.

In the mirror…

I think one of the biggest problems for NASCAR on TV is the inconsistent start times. Every week it’s a crap shoot as to what time the race will start. Sometimes it’s even a crap shoot as to what day it will be on.

I understand the desire to put parts of the races in primetime, but this ruins the tradition for fans of going to church, coming home and watching the race and then going back to church in the evening and talking about the race after the service.

Of course, the races could start a lot earlier if so many of them didn’t have to come with pointless concerts. Gavin Rossdale singing “Love Remains the Same” before a race? Seriously?

I guess it’s just easier to blame something that can’t talk back…

What do you guys think is the problem with NASCAR? Is a cute—but incredibly annoying—gopher really to blame?

And maybe more importantly, what was Keith Urban thinking recording Digger’s theme song? Did someone at FOX have dirt on him?

Photo Credit: FOX Sports