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Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the First Cancellation of the Fall Season Is…

It looks like we may have our first victim of the new fall season…

FOX has pulled next week’s episode of “Do Not Disturb” and replaced it with a repeat of “Til Death.”

And honestly, does that surprise anyone? That cancellation of “Back To You” is looking even dumber now, isn’t it?

This news comes just days after the show’s producers wrote a letter to TV critics apologizing for the show…

From “Variety”:

The “Do Not Disturb” crew blamed the show’s bad buzz on the fact that FOX
opted to postpone airing the pilot and instead bow with a different episode.

“We here at ‘Do Not Disturb’ agree that by airing the ‘Work Sex’ episode —
before airing the actual pilot — we created much confusion and we deserve all
the criticism, the bad puns (i.e. ‘an early checkout from the fall season,’ ‘Do
Not Make in the First Place,’ etc.) and, yes, even the accusation that it very
well could be the final nail in the multicamera sitcom’s coffin,” the scribes

“Disturb’s” producers then go on to argue that their show wasn’t quite as
bad as the critics claimed — but nonetheless apologize “for being the
perpetrators of such bad television.”

You have to admire the producers’ chutzpah (even though FOX clearly didn’t), but I think they’re being a little delusional as well. The “Work Sex” episode was not bad because it was confusing. It was bad, because it was bad.

For the record, FOX says they will reschedule next week’s “Disturb” episode at a later date.
Sure they will. I’m still waiting on those “Nashville” episodes they promised to reschedule a year ago…
Photo Credit: Scott F. Shafer/FOX