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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pick of the Week: The Best of the Bubble Shows

Next week we will find out the fate of the shows on the bubble.

And since we don’t know yet which ones will survive and which ones won’t, we need to catch the good ones while we can…

My Pick of the Week is “V.”

Ever since it returned from hiatus, “V” has cranked out solid episode after solid episode. And last week’s was no exception.

Anna continued her manipulation of the humans by painting the Fifth Column as terrorists. Chad played both sides of the coin and Erica was made the point person on the Fifth Column investigation (I was SO happy that her boss was not the Visitor. I LOVE Roark Critchlow.).

But the big moment from last week’s episode was when Anna ordered her own daughter’s legs broken to continue her plan of getting Tyler on board the ship after Lisa lied to protect him.

This week that plan continues as Erica learns not only that Lisa is a Visitor, but that she is Anna’s daughter. And Erica and Anna come face-to-face as Erica is forced to play both sides of the coin as well.

It all leads up to next week’s season finale and the birth of Valerie’s human/V baby…

ABC is going to cancel this show and break my heart again, aren’t they?

“V” airs Tuesday, May 11th at 10:01 p.m. on ABC…

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/ABC