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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

24 Days of "24": The Mystery of the "Death Angel"

In 2005, Harper began publishing a series of “24” novels. The “24 Declassified” series is meant to give fans a look at the adventures of Jack Bauer and CTU before we first met them in season one.

The latest novel, “24 Declassified: Death Angel” was released last week. I had a chance to talk to its author, David Jacobs, about the novel and about his thoughts on “24” coming to an end…

“Angel” is set in and around Los Alamos, Mexico, where a mole has infiltrated a top-secret research center specializing in the development of nuclear weapons. “Jack is in the thick of the action” Jacobs said. “He’s in the middle of an atomic secrets conspiracy and it’s going full blast.” Before the book is over Jack will face a longtime adversary, the mysterious and deadly assassin, Annihilax, the Death Angel.

“It’s an atomic spy conspiracy coupled with a mystery,” Jacobs said. “We keep Jack hopping in this one.” The mystery is the identity of the Death Angel. “It keeps the reader guessing. There are key clues in there so the reader may be able to puzzle it out. But I think it will be something of a shock and surprise,” Jacobs said.

“There are plenty of thrills and intrigue. But in a ‘24’ manner.” And that means 24 chapters, each one detailing one hour, which Jacobs admitted can be hard. “It can sometimes be difficult but it’s part of the fun too.”

Also part of the fun is having a character like Jack Bauer. “He’s a great character to work with,” Jacobs said. “You just get him in a tree and throw as many rocks as possible.”

So since Jacobs has spent so much time with Jack Bauer (“Angel” is Jacobs’ third “Declassified” novel.), what are his thoughts on the show coming to an end? “It’s been a terrific ride. I hate to see it come to an end, speaking as a fan. But I understand the work that goes into maintaining the quality. So I can understand going out at the top of their game,” he said.

“As a fan, I’ll miss it. Hopefully there’s a movie to look forward to. It’s really one of the great TV series of the last decade. Powerful episodes and great acting. I’ll miss it.”

When asked to name his favorite moments, Jacobs mentions Jack assassinating Ryan Chapelle in season three, the nuclear bomb going off in season six, and the return of Tony Almeida last season. He also mentions two moments from this season: the assassination of President Hassan and the death of Renee Walker.

About the final season, Jacobs said, “It’s going like an express train.”

“24: Declassified: Death Angel” is available in stores and online now…

Tomorrow, 24 Days of “24” continues with some thoughts from Annie Wersching, who played Renee Walker, about Renee’s death and about the end of the show…

Photo Credit: Harper