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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Checking In On "Lost"

Tonight there is no new episode of “Lost.” For die-hard fans, that’s a bummer, But for me, it’s a relief because I am still four episodes behind.

But I wanted to take a minute and say something about the last episode I’ve seen, the amazing “Ab Aeterno.”

When I see Nestor Carbonell, I still think of Luis the photographer on “Suddenly Susan” or even his scene-stealing turn as Batmanuel on “The Tick”—both comedic roles. But those may be forgotten forever after his tour de force performance as the ageless Richard Alpert.

We finally got to see how Richard came to the island. And why he has never aged. Plus we got to see more of the struggle between Jacob and The Man in Black.

But mostly we got to see what a good actor Carbonell truly is. His heartbreak over the death of his wife. His horror when the priest would not absolve him of his sins. His confusion over whether to kill Jacob or side with him. All of it was conveyed beautifully in a well crafted episode.

Someone who hasn’t been watching “Lost” asked me this week if it’s living up to the hype. Based on this episode, I would say that it is. But I’ve still got four to go…

Remember that the “Lost” finale airs on Sunday, May 23rd at 9 p.m., after a two-hour clip show, on ABC…

Photo Credit: Mario Perez/ABC