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Sunday, May 09, 2010

"SNL" Shows Some Respect to a Legend

As you know, I was a little concerned that “Saturday Night Live” wouldn’t give Betty White anything funny to do. But I am happy to say I was wrong.

“SNL” deserves major kudos for the way they worked White into every sketch without overworking her. Instead of forcing White into sketches, they wrote sketches around her. They weren’t your typical “SNL” fare, which is maybe why they were funny. And it was great to see so many old favorites back to lend support.

Now granted, most of the humor was in having White say something inappropriate, but when she’s that good at doing it, who cares?

It probably won’t surprise any of you to know that my favorite sketch was “CSI: Sarasota,” since I’m a “CSI: Miami” fan. Of course much of the humor of that sketch was watching White struggle to get her sunglasses on. But her David Caruso impression was solid.

I think I was most impressed with the respect “SNL” showed White. She is a true legend and deserves to be treated as such. And she was. During “Weekend Update,” Seth Meyers looked positively giddy about having her on his set.

I know I was giddy about it myself…

You can watch the entire episode on the NBC website here. And while you’re there you can see sketches that didn’t make the final show, including a Debbie Downer sketch featuring all of the guest stars…

Photo Credit: NBC