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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye to Jane...and Angela

Monday, we got the sad news that Jane Wyman had passed away. She was 93.

I know she was an Academy Award winner, but for most of us she will always be Angela Channing, the fabulous matriarch of the Channing family on “Falcon Crest.”

Angela was the “Crest” equivalent to J.R. Ewing, but as much as I liked J.R., I loved Angela more. She was charming, she was manipulative, and she had my name—which for a young girl was pretty cool.

That’s why it was such a blow when “Crest,” in its final season, decided to cut back Wyman’s role and put Angela in a coma. They thought they were appealing to younger viewers by focusing on other characters, but in actuality, they killed the show. The writers finally decided to give Angela a miraculous recovery, but it was too little too late. Jane Wyman WAS “Falcon Crest” and it couldn’t succeed without her.

Thanks to YouTube, you can see Angela and Wyman in action. You have to sit through some boring stuff with Cole and Maggie, but it’s worth it to see Angela at her manipulative finest.

Even though we hadn’t heard from her in years, she will still be missed…