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Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Inexcusable Omission

I did a bad thing this week. I didn’t mention “The O.C.” in my “Picks of the Week.”

And considering the whopper of a plot twist they served up at the end of the last episode, there was really no excuse for my omission.

In a beautifully edited sequence, Bullet’s mysterious friend, Frank, was revealed to be Ryan’s father. I have no idea why the show chose now to introduce him, but I’m loving that they did—especially with Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules”) playing him.

Last time also gave us the engagement of Seth and Summer after a crazy road trip featuring a pregnancy test and a woman dressed as an alien.

You had to be there…

Tonight, we find out why Ryan’s dad is in town as he goes toe-to-toe with Sandy. And Seth and Summer deal with their engagement, which they’re apparently not happy about. Plus, Grammy nominee Chris Brown guest stars as one of Kaitlyn’s classmates.

Though I’m concerned about the Seth and Summer story and how the real-life breakup of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson will affect it, I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt. After all, with the exception of the uneven Chrismakkuh episode, “The O.C.” has yet to hit a false note this season. And even that episode had the right idea, just the wrong execution (It did however produce the season’s most classic line. Upon witnessing her mother threatening Veronica, Kaitlyn responded, “Woah, Mom. That was so Jack Bauer of you.”).

So again, I urge you to watch. “Grey’s Anatomy” is a re-run, so you’ll need some humor, romance and soapy drama on your Thursday night.

“The O.C.” airs tonight at 9 on FOX…