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Friday, April 14, 2006

"American Idol": Did editing nearly doom Ace?

A report in this morning’s “NY Post” tipped me off to the online diary of Queen guitarist Brian May, who was apparently miffed at “American Idol” for some of their editing. So, I checked it out.

The editing May is specifically upset about is their piece with Ace. May says he feels it looked like he didn’t like Ace, but that he was totally impressed with him. He explains that the arrangement we heard Tuesday was a direct result of Ace and Queen’s collaboration. May says that he thought it “rocked” and applauded Ace’s personalization.

This is interesting because I believe that the Queen piece probably helped Ace land in the bottom three. It’s hard for the voters to support someone that the original artist doesn’t support. But, you have to admit that it made for good television, which is why the producers edited that way. However, if this is true, I’m glad that Ace did not end up getting voted off.

May also says that Queen was never scheduled to perform on the show. They decided they only wanted to help the Idols prepare and did not want to “advertise” themselves. I say good for them.

One other interesting note from May. In his diary, he asks for Mandisa to give him a call, which confirms what I told you earlier from “TV Guide.” May does not say what Mandisa sang, but does say he regrets we didn’t get to hear it.