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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"American Idol": Did "Killer Queen" kill Ace?

I’ve been doing commentary on “Idol” for my friends for almost three years now and I have to say that this was the hardest one ever to rate.

And am I the only one that got the feeling Queen was wondering what the heck these kids were doing to their songs?

Plus, did Ryan really need that sweater vest with that suit? And, let me just say how much I appreciated the Constantine shoutout during the Queen package. After all, he dared do it when no one made him.

Now, without further ado, to the scorecard…

Bucky Covington, “Fat Bottomed Girls”: 19 (out of 25)
Bucky picked a good song for his voice and it did get better as he went on. I’m just SO ready to see him go.

Ace Young, “We Will Rock You”: 17
I just really don’t know what to say. I told you earlier today that he picked the wrong song and I was right. Not only is it not a singer’s song but it’s one of the few Queen songs “Idol” fans would recognize. So he needed to bring it and he didn’t. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t good either (Again, the score reflects a high appearance score.). I have to wonder though if he could have done more without Queen stopping him. They REALLY didn’t like his ideas.

Kellie Pickler, “Bohemian Rhapsody”: 23
This was the shocker I promised you. However, if the rumor one of you told me about her and Constantine being a couple is true, it would make sense. Kellie is no Constantine (though the lighting guys sure tried to make her look like him), but it was pretty good. However, I really wish someone would make her stop walking! And what was up with those huge bags under her eyes? Did her look remind anyone else of Bonnie Tyler?

Chris Daughtry, “Innuendo”: 24
Chris got the biggest compliments from Queen and he earned them. I’m not really sure about the song (which not even Queen performs), but it was a great showcase for his voice. I didn’t give him a perfect score because of all that eyeliner.

Katharine MacPhee, “Who Wants to Live Forever”: 20
I think she made the right decision to switch to a big ballad, but there were some real pitch problems.

Elliott Yamin, “Somebody to Love”: 24
FINALLY! I finally saw in Elliott what all of his fans see. This was a great performance, even with the band overpowering him.

Taylor Hicks, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”: 24
This was the first song I thought of when I thought of Taylor, but his first choice was “We Are the Champions.” I’d like to think he read my blog and realized I was right. I didn’t give him a perfect score because he missed the mike stand with his kick.

Paris Bennett, “The Show Must Go On”: 25
Okay, go ahead. Tell me it was too theatrical and that she looked like a poorly fitted Pussycat Doll; but I really liked it. I knew Simon wouldn’t agree, but those key changes were flawless—even with the bad transitions by the band. Paris truly is growing on me.

Okay, so who goes home? Do I even have to tell you?

Yes, Ace has a lot of fans; but there’s no way around it. “Killer Queen” did indeed kill Ace.

Who will join him in the bottom three? My gut says Bucky and Katharine. If anyone goes home besides Ace (which will completely surprise me), I think it will be Katharine because of her pitchy performance.

HOWEVER, there is a possibility that the audience will turn against Paris for her perkiness and her theatrics.

Don’t forget that the results show airs Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. It’s another hour-long one so look for a group sing, a performance by Queen and tons of other filler.

Stay tuned…