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Monday, April 10, 2006

"24": How does it all fit?

If you’re new to “24,” tonight’s episode is what I like to call a travel episode. There’s no big action to speak of because everyone’s trying to get somewhere so we can have some big action.

And yes, there will be BIG action. After all, as Jack said, we’re talking about taking down the President of the United States.

Now, I still think that Logan as the bad guy is a great plot twist; but it does have its problems. First of all, now that he’s been exposed to us, he’s only acting like a bad guy with the evil looks and the strange phone calls. He’s not even attempting to act like the idiot any more, which is kind of disappointing because that was fun. But that’s typically how it goes when a “24” mole is exposed.

The bigger problem is how this all fits together. Let me take a stab at it. Logan and Henderson concocted a plan to protect the country from terrorists by destroying their camps with nerve gas. They sold the gas to a group of Russian terrorists who planned to release it in Moscow, only unknown to the terrorists, it would never get there because it was timed to release in central Asia. Logan and Henderson allowed Walt Cummings and Nathanson to run the operation without either knowing the President was involved. David Palmer discovered information about the operation, so Henderson ordered him killed. But he needed a good cover story that would also serve as a distraction. So he framed Jack for the murder. However, the Russian terrorists discovered the double cross and targeted the U.S. instead. Seeing that his operation had failed and that the terrorists would need to be stopped, Logan reinstated Jack, knowing that he could do the job. But when Jack got too close to the truth, Henderson had to take drastic measures to cover up the operation—including working with Collette Stenger to throw Jack off the trail. Now, Logan has been forced to take drastic measures to stop Jack as well.

What do you know? It does make sense after all.

This is a new twist for “24.” Usually, the final episodes involve the elimination of the terrorist threat; but this time, the threat has already been neutralized. These final seven hours will focus on bringing down the men responsible.

I hope that Henderson’s death is especially painful.