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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Country roads, take me home..."

So since I’m new to most of you, I wanted to ease you into my world.

But I think you’re ready now, so this week I’m unveiling the official “American Idol” scorecard, which is found in “American Idol: The Magazine.”

It works like this. Each contestant is scored on a scale of 1-5 in five different categories: vocal ability, appearance, song choice, personality and stage presence. These categories get added up for an overall score, with 25 being the highest possible.

If you’re thinking I have a problem, you’re probably right.

So, how did country night go for the top nine? And does Teri Hatcher actually like Ryan’s beard? Maybe he’s trying to look older.

To the scorecard…

Taylor Hicks, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”: 18
Taylor would have been the last one I would’ve expected to stumble on country night, but this just wasn’t the choice for him. Kenny Rogers was right. He just seemed completely unsure. Hope he didn’t lose all his West Virginia fans with this one.

Mandisa, “Any Man of Mine”: 17
I know she already did “Cry,” but there has to be another country power ballad she could have done. This was a lousy choice and I hated her outfit.

Elliott Yamin, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”: 20
I know Elliott has a good voice, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

Paris Bennett, “How Do I Live”: 22
Don’t look now but I think Paris is growing on me. The arrangement gave her some really bad transitions, but she worked them out. And she was finally wearing a decent outfit.

Ace Young, “I Wanna Cry”: 21
I wish that Ace would find a way to fight those nerves. This score would have been lower, but I always give him a 5 in appearance. How could I not? And Ryan pointing out he’s “officially single” probably earned him a few more votes.

Kellie Pickler, “Fancy”: 23
I love this song and it was a good choice for Kelly, but the arrangement was lousy. And whose idea was it to have her walk around the studio? It made her come off stiff.

Chris Daughtry, “Making Memories of Us”: 23
Regardless of what Simon says, I think the softer side of Chris rocks! And kudos to him for doing a straight country song, instead of a rock version of one.

Katharine MacPhee, “Bringing Out Elvis”: 23
It’s nice to see Katharine having fun, but it almost came off like it was just a big joke to her. Maybe last week’s trip to the bottom two has made her rethink some things.

Bucky Covington, “Best I Ever Had”: 17
So Bucky’s finally in his element, able to rock some Garth Brooks or Toby Keith and he picks this one? A song that most of us probably know better by Vertical Horizon? Sorry, Bucky. It is way past time for you to go.

So who’s going home? Obviously it should be Bucky, but since he seems to have a limitless amount of fans, I honestly have no idea. The most vulnerable? Taylor, Mandisa and Ace—especially since I didn’t vote for him and he has ended up in the bottom three every time that happens. Sorry, Ace. You’ve got to bring it to earn my vote.

Tomorrow night is going to be VERY interesting.