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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"American Idol": Finally Bucky!

As the late great Jerry Orbach said in “Dirty Dancing,” when I’m wrong I say I’m wrong.

And I was wrong last night about who got killed by “Killer Queen.” After listening to them sing again, it was definitely Bucky who should have went home.

And FINALLY, he did. But we did get one surprise before that happened as Elliott joined Bucky and Ace in the bottom three instead of Katharine. I’m guessing the vote on that one had to be close because there’s NO way that Katharine’s performance was better. Elliott was REALLY good last night, which he showed again tonight with a performance clouded by tears and confusion (He actually asked Ryan what he was supposed to sing.).

Darn those stupid sentimental family messages…

I guess I said Ace because I was so totally disappointed with his choice of song. And Queen’s lack of enthusiasm about it didn’t help.

Speaking of which, where was Queen tonight? Why didn’t they perform? Maybe that lack of enthusiasm about several of the performances kept them away.

One performance they apparently were enthusiastic about was Mandisa’s, which of course, we didn’t hear. According to next week’s “TV Guide,” Queen has expressed interest in her (along with Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers).

Next week’s theme is “The Great American Songbook” with Rod Stewart as the guest arranger and CD promoter. Personally, I would rather they sing actual Rod Stewart songs. Can’t you just see Ace singing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Or maybe that would be Kellie’s choice…

Stay tuned…