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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Unflappable Tom Bergeron

You guys know I don’t watch “Dancing With the Stars,” but the few times I do catch the action (either live or online), I have to admit that I’m starting to see why so many people think Tom Bergeron is the best live host in the business…

Last night, Tom once again had to work his magic when Cristian de la Fuente fell with his partner, Cheryl Burke, after injuring his arm. Tom calmly asked for a commercial break and then moved on with the show. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Marie Osmond’s fainting spell in the fall, but Tom handled it just as beautifully.

This year, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has added an Emmy category for Outstanding Reality Host and I would say that Tom would have to be one of the favorites. Personally, I think he deserves it just for having to put up with Samantha Harris…

Speaking of last night’s drama, Cristian’s “Dancing” future will be announced on tonight’s results show. His publicist told that he was released from the hospital at 7:30 last night and will have more tests this morning. He was apparently carried out on a stretcher, still in enormous pain. The EMT on the “DWTS” set diagnosed his injury as a severe muscle cramp, but some of the pros, including Cheryl, told they think it is something much worse.

No doubt that whatever the situation is, the unflappable Tom Bergeron will handle it with style, grace and elegance. And Samantha will stumble all over it…

“Dancing With the Stars: The Results Show” airs tonight (Tuesday) at 9 on ABC…

The Manipulation of Miley

I’m starting to think there should be a class for celebrities.

But not just for the celebrities, for their families as well. Lessons like what not to say and how not to leave your 15-year-old daughter alone with a world-renowned photographer who likes to take “artistic” shots of celebrities…

Now, before I get into this whole Miley Cyrus scandal debate, let me just say for the record that I think everyone is taking this a little too far. All the religious and parenting groups that are asking for a “Hannah Montana” merchandise burning and the business reporters warning that Disney’s stock will plummet just need to chill out. It’s honestly not that big of a deal. A 15-year-old girl made a mistake. Period.

Granted, she’s a 15-year-old with a billion dollar empire, but she’s still entitled to make mistakes, isn’t she?

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past day and a half, this month’s issue of “Vanity Fair” (out next week) features a photo of Miley which makes her appear topless. Miley posed for the photo and then after she saw it on the Internet issued an apology to her fans saying she was embarrassed by the picture. Disney accused “VF” of manipulating Miley to sell magazines, while the magazine argued that the shot was artistic and Miley was excited about it.

So what happened here? Miley actually tells us herself in the accompanying “VF” article. She says, “And you can’t say no to Annie. She’s so cute. She gets this puppy-dog look and you’re like, O.K.”

So the photographer-to-the-stars, Annie Liebovitz wants to do an artistic photo of Miley—just as she’s done with all of the most famous celebrities in the world—and a 15-year-old girl is going to say no? Of course not! Someone should have been there to fight for her…

Which leads me to my earlier comment. “VF” argues that Miley’s parents were on the set and even show a video on their website of the shoot. But there is no video of the photo in question and sources have told “People” that Billy Ray and Tish left the shoot before that final picture was taken, leaving Miley’s grandmother and teacher behind. According to “People,” Liebovitz convinced the grandmother and teacher the shot would be “beautiful and artistic” and so it was taken.

No offense to the grandmother or teacher, but Miley’s parents should have been there to look out for her. And where was a Disney rep? “VF” has built its reputation on getting celebrities to say or do things that create controversy (the “Desperate Housewives” photo shoot, anyone?). If Disney was so concerned about its star, why didn’t it have someone there to watch over her?
Disney says that Miley was manipulated and I actually agree. But I don’t believe she was manipulated by Liebovitz. She’s a photographer and I think she was genuinely looking for the perfect artistic shot. But you better believe that “Vanity Fair” saw dollar signs when they saw the picture. This issue—which doesn’t even have Miley on the cover, by the way—has gotten more buzz than a whole year’s worth of the magazine.

Liebovitz has since apologized—not for taking the picture—but for the fact that it has been “misconstrued.” She believes it to be “simple” and “beautiful.” With an older celebrity, I might agree with her. But with a 15-year-old girl? No way.

But in all honesty, I’m actually a little more disturbed by the pictures of Miley with her dad. I know I wouldn’t pose for a picture with my dad that way…

The bottom line here is that Miley and her family have learned some very valuable lessons. I just hope she doesn’t end up paying a steep price for what she’s learned…

You can see the pictures and read the accompanying article here. Then be sure to weigh in on what you think about the controversy…

Monday, April 28, 2008

NBC's Late Night Succession Plan

The succession is nearly complete…

NBC is expected to announce next month that Jimmy Fallon will take over “Late Night” when Conan O’Brien moves to “The Tonight Show” in 2009.

I like Jimmy Fallon, but how will he be as the host of a late night show. Shouldn’t NBC have auditioned him as a fill-in first?

And isn’t this a bit of a slap in the face for Carson Daly? Now granted, I agree that Daly isn’t funny, but he probably at least deserved a look since he’s been doing the 1:30 a.m. show for several years.

But we’ve already established that NBC cares very little about loyalty…

What do you think? Will Jimmy Fallon make a good Conan replacement?…

"Go forth and magish..."

I think VH1’s Celebreality may have finally gone too far…

I had been meaning to post something about “Celebracadabra” ever since I started seeing the commercials. But after seeing the first five minutes of the premiere, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

If you haven’t heard of it, “Celebracadabra” follows seven “celebrities” who team up with seven professional magicians in a competition to become the best celebrity magician. The celebrities are: Ant (“Celebrity Fit Club”), Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls, Hal Sparks (“Queer As Folk”), Carnie Wilson, C. Thomas Howell, Chris “Kid” Reid of Kid N’ Play and Lisa Ann Walter (“The Parent Trap”).

The sight of the nearly skeletal C. Thomas Howell just makes me want to cry. How could he possibly stoop to this level? I mean, if he was headlining the show, like Scott Baio, it might be different. But trying to be a magician?

And since when did Carnie Wilson become the queen of reality?

But the real kicker of those first five minutes was during the setup of the show when host Jonathan Levit turned to the celebrities and told them “go forth and magish.”

What does that even mean?! STOP THE INSANITY!!!

Is there any chance VH1 will make this show disappear?

If you must check it out, “Celebracadabra” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on VH1...

Pick of the Week: A "Murder"-ous Return

This week’s Pick is the return of a show that needs all the viewers it can get…

My Pick of the Week is “Women’s Murder Club.”

If you haven’t seen it, “Club” is about four women who work together to solve murders. Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon) is a homicide inspector, Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome) is a medical examiner, Jill Bernhardt (Laura Harris) is an assistant DA and Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) is a crime reporter. Jill often finds herself torn between two men, Claire must deal with her handicapped husband and Lindsay works for her ex-husband. The show is based on the novels by James Patterson.

While “Club” has been away it’s gone through some changes, including getting a new show runner. And now, it’s got three episodes to prove its worth or it won’t be back next year.

I have no idea how the behind-the-scenes changes will affect the show itself, but hopefully the show hasn’t changed its greatest strength--Angie Harmon, who is really good at kicking butt. I’d still love to see her give “24” a try…

“Women’s Murder Club” airs Tuesday at 10:02 p.m. on ABC…

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Week's Sweeps Schedule

With things finally returning to normal after the Writers’ Strike, we can actually have a real sweeps period--which is starting a few days early this week.

As always, it is my duty to keep you caught up on what you can see…

Monday, April 28th marks the return of two favorites--“House” (9 p.m. FOX) and “Wildfire” (9 p.m. ABC Family)… “Star Wars” fans get a special treat with a special “Deal or No Deal” featuring appearances by Chewbacca, R2-D2, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and the suitcase models wearing the gold bikini Princess Leia wore in “Return of the Jedi.” Plus, Darth Vader will be the banker (8 p.m. NBC)…

Tuesday, April 29th, “Shark” returns with new cast member Paula Marshall (9 p.m. CBS)…Robin Williams guests on “Law & Order: SVU” and “The Riches” ends its second season (10 p.m. FX)…

Wednesday, April 30th, “Boston Legal” moves to its new night (10 p.m. ABC)…

Thursday, May 1st, “Ugly Betty” gets fierce with a guest appearance by “Project Runway” winner Christian Siriano and former “Elle” Fashion Director Nina Garcia (8 p.m. ABC) and “Grey’s Anatomy” gets a visit from Kate Walsh’s Addison (9 p.m. ABC)…

Sunday, May 4th, “Hannah Montana” returns with a new episode with guest star Brooke Shields returning as Hannah’s mom (8 p.m. Disney)…Richard Burgi’s Karl returns to make things interesting for Susan (Teri Hatcher) on “Desperate Housewives” (9 p.m. ABC) and “Family Guy” wraps up its season (9 p.m. FOX)…

My Questions About This Week's "Lost"

So, “Lost” made its grand return Thursday night, bringing with it even more questions…

Warning: If you have not seen last week’s episode of “Lost,” stop reading now…

Here then are my top questions from last week’s episode…

Why was Ben wearing a winter coat in the middle of the desert? Where--or when--had he been?...

And where did Ben go when he went through the door in his house? Does he control the smoke monster? And if he does, was the psychiatrist Other sent by Ben to Juliet actually a manifestation of the smoke monster (as I have always thought)?…

Why would Charles Widmore want to kill Sayid’s wife? Or was the Widmore story just what Ben told Sayid to get him to join his war?…

Why didn’t Juliet (or Jack for that matter) recognize the symptoms of appendicitis? I recognized it immediately…

If Ben kills Penny, will that completely mess everything up since she is Desmond’s constant?…

Did Ben really get off the island with Desmond’s boat or did he use some kind of time travel to leave?…

What did Ben mean when he said Widmore changed the rules?…

As always, I consulted with’s Doc Jensen after the show and he had an interesting theory about that last question. He thinks that Ben has time traveling capabilities that allow him to know the future. And in the future he knew, his daughter was still alive. So when his daughter was killed, the future was changed, thereby changing the rules.


Doc Jensen had some other theories about Ben and time travel that I won’t share with you because they would just make your head hurt. And he’s got one doozy of a theory that I’m afraid to share with you because if it’s right, it will ruin a MAJOR twist.

For now, I’m just content that Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) is going to play a major part in all of this. I am a big fan of his and I really want to see him leave a better legacy than what “The O.C.” saddled him with (which even he admits was disappointing). And after playing a rich American businessman, the Vice President of the United States (“24”), the director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (“NCIS”), and an American fashion magazine publisher (“Ugly Betty”), it’s nice to hear Dale use his actual accent. I think they should have let him use it on “The O.C.”…

Next week, the focus returns to Jack as we get another glimpse into his future. Whether that future focuses on the together Jack of Hurley and Kate’s flash forwards or the falling apart Jack we got in last season’s finale, I have no idea. We’ll just have to wait and see…

“Lost” airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC. You can watch past episodes at…

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can The Donald Say No?

Donald Trump loves hype. But if he is any kind of decent human being, he’ll avoid it this time.

“Page Six” of the “New York Post” reports that O.J. Simpson has asked the Donald to be on the next “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The gossip column’s source said that NBC and Trump are thinking about it.

Do I think that an O.J. edition of “Apprentice” would do well? Absolutely. But I think it would be totally tasteless, no matter how hard it would be to ignore…

And can you imagine what would happen when someone got O.J. mad?...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"How I Met Your Mother": Awesome!

You guys know I have never been a fan of "How I Met Your Mother."

I never liked that we were forced to root for a couple that we knew would not end up together. So, I just couldn't get into it.

But with that story finally over, I have recently found myself attracted to its witty charms.

It started with the Britney episode in which Sarah Chalke stole the show as Ted's potential girlfriend. And it's continuing with last night's episode featuring the return of Robin Sparkles.

It was a cute episode chock full of cheesy goodness. In fact, we were so caught up in the cheesy 90s goodness that we didn't see the big shocker coming until just before it happened...

Warning: If you have not seen last night's "How I Met Your Mother," stop reading now.

Robin and Barney hooking up. Awesome!

It was nice to see a more sensitive side to Neil Patrick Harris' ladies' man. And quite frankly, they looked really good together.

Now, I would hate to see Barney completely lose his womanizing ways, but I really hope the show doesn't just drop the idea of Robin and Barney.

And more importantly, I hope CBS doesn't burst this show's bubble--especially since I'm just now getting into it...

By the way, if you have yet to see the entire Robin Sparkles “Sandcastles in the Sand” music video, be sure to watch it here. It’s well worth the three and a half minutes…

Are You Kidding Me?

I couldn't let this one go without saying something...

I just saw a commercial for Mariah Carey's performance on "Good Morning America."

In hyping her up, it called her "the supernatural force."

Are you kidding me?

The Last Night on the Beat

I haven’t been a regular watcher of “Law & Order” since Dick Wolf shoved Chris Noth out the door, but even I will be watching this one.

Wednesday is Jesse L. Martin’s final episode as the revolving “L&O” cast door starts up again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years since Martin first teamed up with the legendary Jerry Orbach, taking over for Benjamin Bratt. Since then he’s teamed up with Dennis Farina, Milena Govich and this season, in a great stroke of casting, Jeremy Sisto.

Now, Martin heads off to fill his dream role as Marvin Gaye in the new independent film, “Sexual Healing.” And don’t be surprised to see him back on the Great White Way someday soon (He was an original cast member of “Rent.”).

For now, though, we’ll enjoy him one last time on the New York beat…

“Law & Order” airs Wednesday, April 23rd at 10 p.m. on NBC. You can watch a preview here…

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pick of the Week: The Return of an 80s Teen Pop Star

So, of course, the logical choice this week would be the return of “Lost.”

But when this week also brings us the return of a cheesy fictional 80s pop star, how could I resist?

My Pick of the Week is “How I Met Your Mother.”

Fans of the show know that the “Mother” gang discovered that anchorwoman Robin was a Canadian teen pop star named Robin Sparkles when they found the video to her hit, “Let’s Go to the Mall” on the Internet. Now, the gang has discovered the B-side of that single, a ballad titled “Sandcastles in the Sand.”

The video features cameos by James van der Beek and Robin’s real-life counterpart, Tiffany. And it's a classic.

To get a sneak preview, go to the Robin Sparkles MySpace page. The entire video will be available after the episode airs.

“How I Met Your Mother” airs Monday, April 21st at 8:30 p.m. on CBS…

And by the way, “Lost” returns Thursday, April 24th at the new time of 10 p.m. on ABC…

Monday, April 14, 2008

Did Brett Make the Right Choice?

Brett Michaels chose his “Rock of Love” last night, but did he make the right choice?

In my opinion, yes, he did.

Warning: If you have not yet seen the season finale of “Rock of Love 2,” stop reading now.

From the very first episode I watched, I had Ambre picked as the best choice. She was smart, well-spoken and not crazy--which made her the obvious choice to me. But as a rocker, Brett’s
attracted to crazy, party girls with major assets. I wasn’t sure Ambre stood a chance.

But sure enough, at the conclusion of last night’s episode, Brett chose Ambre after telling a devastated Daisy that they wouldn’t work out.

Let’s face it, Daisy was crazy. She had a lot of bad things happen to her and those things had obviously left her a little unhinged. And her constant references to Ambre being so old were a little annoying (Ambre’s 37, which is seven years younger than Brett.). But I just didn’t think Brett would be able to resist her body and her damsel-in-distress routine. I’m impressed that he showed a little self-control.

Now, just because Brett picked the right woman does not mean that they’ll work out. In an interview with, Ambre said that she and Brett are still dating, but I can’t believe that VH1 will let such a hot property go without a third season.

Maybe they’ll let Daisy find love on a new show.

Actually, Heather might be a better choice since the previews of the reunion show her and Daisy going at it. I told you the reunion would be tons of trashy fun…

So, if Brett and Ambre are watching this, I would like to wish them loads of happiness and congratulate Brett for making a good choice.

Of course, I thought last year’s was a good choice too…

"Desperate Housewives": A Hum-Drum Return?

Warning: If you have not yet seen Sunday’s “Desperate Housewives,” stop reading now.

So how many of you were surprised that Susan’s cousin, Tim, ended up bedding Katharine instead of her daughter?

You wouldn’t have been if you were a fan of “The O.C.” because bedding older mothers is Chris Carmack’s specialty. His character did the same thing on “The O.C.” I knew what was coming the minute they first laid eyes on each other. Still, it was fun and it was good to see Carmack back on TV.

What I didn’t see coming was his connection to Katharine’s past, and quite frankly, I thought that was totally forced. He saw her nail someone over the head with a candlestick and he just suddenly remembers it? I would’ve thought that would have been one of the first things he would have said. Of course, he did have other things on his mind.

Maybe Tim’s knowledge of Katharine’s secret will play a part later, but I would have rather they just stuck with the flashback…

I was a little concerned when I realized that part of Sunday’s story was going to revolve around religion, but I thought the show handled it beautifully as Lynette asked the questions that we all have asked at one time or another; and Bree put aside her ambition to truly help her friend. I just hope the show hasn’t started a trend of parishioners engaging their pastors in a Q&A after the sermon. I’m not sure churches could handle that…

And wasn’t it nice to see Gaby actually being a genuine human being and putting aside her pettiness to be happy with Carlos. I hope that trend continues. Edie, on the other hand, needs to go away…

A lot of the reviews for last night’s episode have said the show was hum-drum, but I actually thought it was good. Not every “Desperate” hour needs to be over-the-top to be worth watching…

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NBC's Fall Schedule: Some People Never Learn

Those of you who have been reading this blog for the past two years know that May is when I tell you all about the Fall TV schedules. But due to the Writers’ Strike, nothing about this fall is going to be normal since there has not been an actual pilot season this year and many shows have been ordered without a pilot even being shot.

NBC has decided to take that even further by totally redoing how they do business and creating a year-round programming schedule, which they revealed earlier this month (with little fanfare) to beat its competitors to the punch.

Before I tell you what you can see on NBC this fall, let me just remind you that this year-long programming idea is not a new concept since FOX tried it a couple of years back. Their attempt, however, was a complete failure and I fear that NBC is also biting off more than it can chew.

Of course, a big part of me would love to see the schedule crash and burn because it would probably get Ben Silverman fired and maybe, just maybe it would tarnish Jeff Zucker’s golden boy reputation that I have no idea how he obtained…

First, let me give the good news to fans of these shows by telling you that “Lipstick Jungle” and “Life” will be back. Bubble show “Friday Night Lights” will also be back, thanks to a deal with DirecTV, which allows the satellite provider to air the 18 episodes first beginning in October.

Here’s a look at NBC’s complete fall schedule:

10--My Own Worst Enemy
“Enemy” is the new action drama starring Christian Slater. Obviously, NBC is looking for a testosterone-charged evening.

8--The Biggest Loser: Families
9:30--Kath & Kim
10--Law & Order: SVU
“Kath” is a remake of the Australian show of the same name starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as a dysfunctional mother and daughter.

8--Knight Rider
9--Deal or No Deal
10--Lipstick Jungle
“Knight” becomes a series after a backdoor pilot TV-movie earlier this season.

8--My Name Is Earl
8:30--30 Rock
9--The Office
9:30--The Office/SNL Thursday Night Live
Because of the Presidential Election--and SNL’s blossoming popularity due to its political parodies--“SNL” will do a series of Thursday night episodes focusing on political comedy.

9--Deal or No Deal
“Crusoe” is a drama based on “Robinson Crusoe.”

8--Dateline NBC
9--Knight Rider encore
10--Law & Order: SVU encore

7--Football Night in America
8:20--NBC Sunday Night Football

NBC’s midseason replacements are: “The Philanthropist” about a renegade billionaire who uses his money to help those in need; “The Office” spinoff, which has no title, no star attached and no script written as of yet; “Merlin,” a fantasy set in Camelot but inspired by 21st century storytelling and “Kings,” a drama starring Ian McShane about a city under siege. “The Celebrity Apprentice,” “Medium,” “Law & Order” and “Friday Night Lights” are also scheduled to return.

I’m not going to bother to give you NBC’s complete winter schedule, because if this experiment turns out to be anything like FOX--and I’m pretty sure it will--it will get changed before any of it airs. I’m also not going to bother to tell you the Summer 2009 schedule that NBC released for the same reason.

Normally, I break the schedule down by looking at the best and worst moves, but since I know absolutely nothing about the new shows, I can’t really do that this time. However, I will say that I’m amazed NBC learned nothing from FOX about the conceit of introducing year-round programming. In order for the schedule to stay as announced, every single one of the new shows will have to be a hit and that’s just not going to happen--especially when every new show is a retread of an old idea. And what happens when a show is a hit and it’s scheduled to go on hiatus, a la FOX’s “Prison Break” dilemma two years ago?

FOX has already attacked NBC for stealing its ideas, but I’m not sure this is an idea I would want to take credit for. It’s truly sad how NBC has fallen on such hard times over the last few years and I really don’t see anything here to change that…

Pick of the Week: Tons of Trashy Fun

As I was flipping through “TV Guide” to find this week’s Pick, an obvious choice kept popping into my mind, but I was kind of ashamed to even go with it.

But since I came out as a full-fledged fan of this show last week, I might as well just bite the bullet and go with it.

My Pick of the Week is the reunion show of “Rock of Love 2”

Reunion shows for dating reality shows are always tons of trashy fun, and I have no doubt that this one won’t be any different. It was during last year’s reunion that Jess dumped Brett because she felt he made the wrong choice. I suspect that maybe Kristy Joe will be a trouble maker this time as it was obvious they had a true connection (although the unseen moments show revealed she also had a connection with Aubrey, one of the other girls).

“Rock of Love 2” airs Sunday, April 20th at 9 p.m. on VH1...

And you thought Christian was cocky...

So what happened that caused Bravo to lose its signature show, “Project Runway”?

It appears someone got the big head and I fear that this will mark the beginning of the end of one of my favorite shows…

The someone in this case is the Weinstein Company, which owns and co-executive produces the show. According to people behind the scenes, the Weinsteins were insisting that NBC Universal--which owns Bravo--buy a slate of Weinstein movies, such as “Transamerica” in addition to paying for “Runway” (which Lifetime did).

They were also insisting on a move to USA or NBC. They felt that Bravo had weakened the “Runway” brand with constant re-runs and by surrounding it with copycat reality shows.

NBC Universal knew that the Weinsteins would take negotiations to another network, but they believed that their contract allowed them the opportunity to match any offer. Thus, the lawsuit NBCU filed last week.

However, Bravo is not completely done with the show. It will run the fifth season this summer before the show airs its sixth season--pending litigation--on Lifetime beginning this November.
You guys know I love Bravo, so I’m pretty upset about this whole thing--especially since it looks like the “Runway” bosses are completely biting the hand that fed them and turned the show into the pop culture icon it's become.

You know I also love the constant reruns since that’s what got me hooked on the show in the first place. In fact, a look at the ratings over the years will tell you that the marathons are what helped make the show popular. And constant reruns weaken the brand, but three seasons in one year, doesn’t?

I also think that Bravo relies too much on copycat reality shows, so I can almost see that point. But the Weinsteins need to look no further than their producing partners, Magic Elves, for the cause of that since they produce most of them. And several articles have mentioned “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” as one of those “inferior” shows. If the Weinsteins think “Guide” is inferior, they are even more clueless than I thought.

Plus, it’s important to note that “Project Runway” came out of another show itself--”Project Greenlight.”

I’m a little torn by this whole thing because I love “Project Runway.” But there’s a big part of me that would love to see the show fail miserably at Lifetime just to show those Weinsteins they screwed up…

Friday, April 11, 2008

This Weekend

I’m going to be gone for a day or two while I get my pretty pink computer up-and-running and then I’ll be back with this week’s Pick and more…

Stay Tuned…

My Truest Guily Pleasure...

I’ve told you guys before about some of my guilty pleasures like “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.”

But I don’t think there could possibly be a guiltier pleasure than VH1’s “Rock of Love 2.” However, I am going to confess to all of you, my friends, that yes, I am hooked.

It didn’t start out that way, honestly. I would just flip through the channels and catch a few minutes of a rerun. But then, catching it for a few minutes turned into making time to watch it on Sunday afternoons. And now, I can’t wait to see who Brett picks on this week’s season finale.

For those of you who are not familiar, “Rock of Love 2” features Brett Michaels of Poison looking for love. Last year’s attempt failed after Jess, his choice, told him during the reunion show that he made the wrong choice. Ouch! So now he’s back staging peep shows, USO revues, roller derbies, rodeos, and any other insane challenge he can think of to get these girls to go full out for his affections.

It’s a trainwreck. But you just can’t turn away…

So, who do I think Brett will pick? I think he should pick Ambre, but he will pick Daisy. He can’t resist the damsel-in-distress thing.

Now’s confession time. Are there any other “Rock of Love” addicts out there? Come on, don’t be shy. It’s good to get it out in the open…

The season finale of “Rock of Love 2” airs Sunday, April 13th at 9 p.m. on VH1…

Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday and Thanks!

On March 28th, “Stay Tuned” celebrated its second birthday. That means I’m now starting year three of passing on the latest TV news and sharing my opinions on the hottest shows.

And as a special birthday gift, I learned last week that after the first three months of the year, “Stay Tuned” has had over 9600 page views, making it the most viewed blog on the site.

So, thank you for your readership and your support. It means a lot.

Now, for your special gift, I’m updating my blog with the latest news and this week’s pick. AND, I’m making you a promise to update this blog more often than I have been (It’s “Idol” season, so I hope you understand.)—especially when I get my new pretty pink laptop in a couple of weeks…

Be sure to scroll down and see my Pick and some shocking news about one of my favorite shows…

Pick of the Week: Back to Wisteria Lane

After what seems like forever, a “Stay Tuned” favorite is back with new episodes…

My Pick of the Week is “Desperate Housewives.”

The show jumps right back in with some more revelations about the mystery that is Katharine (Dana Delany), including the appearance of her ex-husband. And since he’s played by the fabulous Gary Cole (“The West Wing,” the “Brady Bunch” movies), you know this is going to be fun…

“Desperate Housewives” returns Sunday April 14th at 9 p.m. on ABC…

Is Bravo Out?

This story just completely floored me…

Lifetime announced today that it has picked up “Project Runway” and will air the show’s fifth season beginning in November.

The Weinstein Company, which co-produces the show, announced it has reached a five-year deal with Lifetime.

NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, immediately filed a lawsuit in NY Supreme Court saying it has “continuous rights” to the show, including “a right of first refusal to future cycles of the show.”


You guys know that “Runway” is one of my very favorite shows, so I’ll watch it wherever it is. But I just don’t think the show fits in with Lifetime. And you just know they won’t rerun it as much as Bravo does.

Plus, to be honest, I would really hate for Bravo to lose its signature show.

By the way, “Runway” is cable’s top-rated reality show…

Could ABC Be Stealing Another One?

For some bizarre reason, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” is still on the bubble at CBS.

But don’t worry, “Christine” fans. It looks like ABC could come to your rescue.

There are reports that the network is in negotiations to pick up the show if CBS cancels it.

By the way, though it has not been officially announced, ABC has already snagged “Scrubs” for an 18-episode order for next season…

Could Another Strike Be Looming?

I really wish I could tell you the answer to that question is no, but I can’t.

Negotiations are set to begin later this month between producers and the Screen Actors Guild. The SAG contract expires June 30th.

Last month, AFTRA, which represents a limited number of actors, decided to negotiate separately from SAG since they were fed up with SAG’s delay in getting to the table. The move—and SAG’s nasty reaction to it—is not a good sign.

Movie studios are already canceling projects that can’t be completed by June 30th.

Obviously, I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen, or it could seriously put the fall season in jeopardy.

Stay tuned…