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Monday, April 14, 2008

Did Brett Make the Right Choice?

Brett Michaels chose his “Rock of Love” last night, but did he make the right choice?

In my opinion, yes, he did.

Warning: If you have not yet seen the season finale of “Rock of Love 2,” stop reading now.

From the very first episode I watched, I had Ambre picked as the best choice. She was smart, well-spoken and not crazy--which made her the obvious choice to me. But as a rocker, Brett’s
attracted to crazy, party girls with major assets. I wasn’t sure Ambre stood a chance.

But sure enough, at the conclusion of last night’s episode, Brett chose Ambre after telling a devastated Daisy that they wouldn’t work out.

Let’s face it, Daisy was crazy. She had a lot of bad things happen to her and those things had obviously left her a little unhinged. And her constant references to Ambre being so old were a little annoying (Ambre’s 37, which is seven years younger than Brett.). But I just didn’t think Brett would be able to resist her body and her damsel-in-distress routine. I’m impressed that he showed a little self-control.

Now, just because Brett picked the right woman does not mean that they’ll work out. In an interview with, Ambre said that she and Brett are still dating, but I can’t believe that VH1 will let such a hot property go without a third season.

Maybe they’ll let Daisy find love on a new show.

Actually, Heather might be a better choice since the previews of the reunion show her and Daisy going at it. I told you the reunion would be tons of trashy fun…

So, if Brett and Ambre are watching this, I would like to wish them loads of happiness and congratulate Brett for making a good choice.

Of course, I thought last year’s was a good choice too…