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Monday, March 03, 2008

A “Quarterlife” Cut Short

It was supposed to be a cutting edge, hip drama to help NBC out during the lull created by the strike.

It didn’t work.

NBC has cancelled “Quarterlife” after just one airing. The remaining episodes are expected to be shown on Bravo later this year.

This comes after the premiere gave NBC its worst Tuesday at 10 numbers in 17 years.

If you missed it—and I’m guessing you did—the show is a drama about a blogger and her group of twentysomething friends.

I saw the first 15 minutes, but that was all I could actually sit through. It actually made me rethink my entire blogging career. I sincerely hope I’m not that annoying…

“Quarterlife” was a series of popular Internet shorts created by the team behind “Thirtysomething.” One of those creators said Wednesday that it “never should have been a network show.” But he later tamed those comments and thanked NBC for its efforts. NBC’s programming genius Ben Silverman said it was well worth the try.

I hope you know that genius was meant to be sarcastic…