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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's Happening to Me?

Whenever I’m really into a show, I talk to the TV…

I try to guess what’s going to happen. I reason out the story during the commercial breaks. During “24,” I rarely shut up.

So Thursday night, I found myself asking the TV a lot of questions. Who are the other two? What’s the significance of $3.2 million?

But then, a more important question popped up…

What’s happening to me?

Because somehow, without even realizing it, I’ve become a Lostie [Cue the creepy music.].

I LOVED the pilot episode of “Lost,” but ever since then I’ve had a problem with the show. I’ve been annoyed by the constant hype. I’ve been annoyed by the arrogance of executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. And I’ve been annoyed by the storylines that seem to go on and on without any real rhyme or reason to them.

But now, I am totally engrossed in the story of The Oceanic Six.

In fact, I could really care less about the island. I just want to know what happened to create the future we are now seeing.

And as for the lack of answers, you can throw that right out the window as we are now getting clues at a breakneck pace (Granted, they are not clues about the island, but like I said, I don’t care about that.)…

[Warning: If you have not seen Thursday’s “Lost,” stop reading now.]

We now know that Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley are part of The Oceanic Six. If Aaron counts as the fifth, then there is only one more to be revealed. Team Darlton has promised we will know them all by episode seven and has even added fuel to the speculation that Ben could be one as well, even though he wasn’t on the plane (Remember, he is a master of fake IDs.).

We know that one of the secrets the six are keeping is what actually happened after the crash. Apparently, the six concocted a story that there were only eight survivors, but two did not make it.

We also know that something happened to Claire since Kate has Aaron and Jack can’t bring himself to see him.

But it’s the questions that are left that have me hooked. Why is Sayid killing for Ben in the future? Who is the sixth person? Who are the other two survivors that Jack referred to when he said there were only eight? And what happened to everyone else?

Because of the writers’ strike, there will be some answers that we’ll have to wait for as the season will be cut from 16 to 13 episodes. But Team Darlton promises the answers will come.

And for some reason, I actually believe them.

Man, I really am a Lostie now, aren’t I?

What’s happening to me?