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Monday, July 16, 2007

Is the "Price" Getting Closer to Being Right?

Is CBS getting closer to making a decision on a new “The Price Is Right” host?

“TV Week” reports that show staffers are being told to expect to return to work by the end of the month. The premiere will need to be completed by mid-August to stay on schedule.

At the pool party thrown by the Game Show Network during Press Tour, “Price” announcer Rich Fields gave a little more insight into the hosting race. Fields said George Hamilton was “very personable and smooth” but he relied too heavily on the cue cards and he couldn’t keep the games straight. Fields also confirmed that Rosie O’Donnell didn’t get the job because she demanded too many changes, including reducing the number of episodes produced each week and spending more time chatting with contestants (as well as the other changes I told you about earlier). He told “TV Week,” “CBS met with her for one lunch, she wanted to make all those changes and that was all they needed to hear.”

Other sources told “TV Week” that Mark Steines was verbally offered the gig before Rosie got involved. He’s still considered a leading contender, but Todd Newton and Drew Carey are said to still be in the running. Carey is asking for a higher salary than CBS would like to pay, but they are still interested.

And one other person who was taken out of the running because of a high price tag? Ryan Seacrest. How would that work, you ask? Fremantle Media, who produces “Idol” also produces “Price.” I was wondering when his name would come up…