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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Did the Claymates save "Jericho"?

Did the Claymates save “Jericho”? Clay Aiken apparently thinks so.

In an interview with the “Houston Chronicle,” Clay pretty much takes credit for the entire “Jericho” movement…

“The show ‘Jericho’…I loved it. I started blogging about it on my fan site. It got canceled, and I blogged about how upset I was. I said, ‘The Claymates can do anything. How do we get this show back on the air?’ Honestly, within a week they had organized a campaign amongst ‘Jericho’ fans to send nuts to CBS. It kind of started in that place. And it’s back on the air! It just blows my mind.”

Those of you who frequent my “Idol Chit-Chat” blog know that I love Clay, but does he really believe he started this?

I sent an e-mail to Jericho Rangers Headquarters (Yes, you read that right.) to get a reaction, but I haven’t heard back from them. One commenter on the “Chronicle” website said “The campaign was well underway when someone posted on our message board that the Claymates wanted to get involved. It is unfair for this credit to be taken from the people who actually deserve it.”

To check out one of those people who deserve the credit, check out It’s pretty impressive…