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Friday, February 16, 2007

TV's Most Heartbreaking Breakups

So since Valentine’s Day is over, I figured we’d take a look at TV’s Most Heartbreaking Breakups. After all, a lot of breakups happen after Valentine’s Day…

Ross and Rachel, "Friends": In my opinion, any list of TV breakups must begin and end with this one. Even now when this episode comes on in reruns, I turn the channel. Though the writers did a good job of trying to keep it light, the moment when Ross gets down on his knees to hug Rachel and she pushes him away is the true definition of heartbreaking. And just for the record, yes, they were on a break, but Ross was WRONG!

Seth and Summer, "The O.C": If you've read any of my posts, you can't possibly be surprised by this one making the list—even though there wasn't even a break-up scene! When Ryan announced he was leaving town, Seth decided he couldn't handle it without him and he took off on his boat (named for Summer, by the way), leaving her only a note.

Buffy and Angel, "Angel": To say Buffy and Angel were star-crossed would be a huge understatement, considering he was a vampire and she was a vampire slayer. But after a battle with some demons, Angel became human and he and Buffy were finally able to "be together." Of course, happiness was not in the stars as Angel chose to give up his humanity to save his love's life. But most heartbreaking of all, Buffy was left with no memory of their night together.

Monica and Richard, "Friends": Until Chandler, Richard was clearly Monica's best boyfriend. And in spite of the age difference, everything seemed perfect. But then Monica confronted Richard about their future and she discovered he didn't want kids. Monica tried to put it aside, but she couldn't do it. As they danced at Barry and Mindy's wedding, they realized they needed to go their separate ways. "So what do we do now?" Monica asked. Richard's reply: "Just keep dancing."

Ryan and Marissa, "The O.C.": Because Marissa was too stupid to realize what Oliver was up to, she and Ryan had gone their separate ways. But it looked like they were working things out, until Theresa showed up in town pregnant--possibly with Ryan's baby. Even though he wasn't completely sure the baby was his, Ryan decided to do "the right thing" and go live with Theresa. So, Ryan and Marissa shared one last dance at Julie and Caleb's wedding. Marissa told Ryan she loved him, but Ryan didn't answer--even though you know he loved her too.

Eric and Donna, "That 70s Show": When Eric gave Donna a promise ring, he was excited about what it represented--their future together. But Donna didn't seem so excited since she wore it on a chain around her neck instead of on her finger. When Eric finally confronted her, she told him she wasn't sure he was in her future. When Eric told her he couldn't accept that, Donna asked him if he was breaking up with her, to which he replied that he was. Donna left the ring on the Vista Cruiser and walked away.

Lilith and Frasier, "Cheers": Okay, this one may seem a little strange, but it was so totally out of left field that it was definitely a heartbreak. Lilith and Frasier seemed like the perfect couple, so it was a total shock to Frasier when Lilith told him she was in love with another man and she wanted to go live in a biosphere with him. Frasier gave her one last choice and she chose the other man, leaving Frasier devastated. The entire story was written to allow Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith) to do Broadway, but I would think the writers could have come up with something less ridiculous.

Bo and Carly, “Days of Our Lives”: Bo believed that Carly was dead; but she actually had been buried alive by her nemesis, Vivian Alamain (That’s a long story.). Vivian’s nephew, Lawrence, who was still in love with Carly, was able to save her. Carly, believing she and Lawrence were a couple (since she couldn’t remember the last 10 years), agreed to leave the country with Lawrence and their son, Nicholas (That’s another long story.). But they were spotted at the airport by Billie, who had fallen in love with Bo. Billie, wanting to do the right thing, told Bo about Carly and the two were reunited. But when Carly’s memory returned, she realized that she had fallen in love with Lawrence again and that she really wanted them to be a family. Bo, realizing it was the right thing to do, let her go.

Susan and Mike, "Desperate Housewives": In season one, things were going well for Mike and Susan, until she realized he hadn’t been straight with her about a lot of things. As Mike tried to explain about his lies, Susan told him to get away because she didn't want him "anywhere near [her] heart." Remember, ladies. Always find out at least one thing about a guy before you fall in love with him.

Zack and Kelly, "Saved By the Bell": Come on. You know this one tore you up too. Zach Morris had chased Kelly Kapowski for years and he finally caught her. But when Kelly started working at The Maxx, she fell under the charms of the new manager, Jeff; and they shared a kiss. When Zack and Kelly were named king and queen of the dance, Kelly accidentally called him Jeff. The two went outside where Kelly broke up with a devastated Zach, while Slater and Jessie "sang" "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You." Years later when Patrick Muldoon (Jeff) originated the role of Austin on "Days of Our Lives," I still referred to him as the guy who split up Zack and Kelly.

I'm sure I've forgotten some, so please feel free to post your favorites--or least favorites, depending on how you look at it…