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Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Desperate Housewives": The Pieces Start Falling Into Place--Literally

So tonight, we FINALLY got a new episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

And boy, was it a DOOZY!

Warning: The remainder of this post contains details about tonight’s episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

When the opening teaser showed Mike almost remembering what happened the night Monique died, I was sure they were going to drag that out as long as they possibly could. But imagine my surprise when the truth was revealed AND Mike confronted Orson all in the last three minutes! It was so “24”…

And you know that in my book, that’s a good thing…

Orson falling off the parking garage was also a great twist. And no, I have no idea if he survives, although the previews make it look like he does.

I still don’t think that Orson killed Monique. Remember that Bree told Orson he wasn’t just protecting himself. And if he had just confessed to murder, I can’t believe that Bree would have been so calm (Of course, it was Marcia Cross’s pregnancy that forced her to stay in bed.). I still believe it was Alma or Orson’s mother who did it.

The previews also make it look like everything comes to a head next week. Considering that next week was the last episode Marcia Cross was scheduled to appear in, I think it’s quite possible that the whole story will wrap up soon.

Which leads to the question of then what? Well, my guess is that Susan will return to the spotlight with her love triangle with Ian and Mike. Now that Mike is remembering, it’s only a matter of time before he remembers that he was buying an engagement ring when Orson hit him. And then we can kiss boring Ian goodbye—engagement or no engagement.

But please, could we put the brakes on this whole Zach-Gaby thing before I throw up! And I’m sorry, Gaby, but you shouldn’t be talking about your sex life to an 18-year-old. Ewwww!

And there’s something else. The previews mention someone dying. Surely, the show wouldn’t do the unthinkable and kill Bree, would they?

No, I don’t think so, since Bree is the character creator Marc Cherry has most modeled after his mother. But they do need to get rid of her somehow…

Stay tuned…