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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Coupon For My Troubles?!

So yesterday I got a letter from Time Warner Cable telling me about the situation with Sinclair and how I could lose WVAH and WCHS on December 31st (I was supposed to get the letter last week.).

To show their “appreciation for [my] patience,” they enclosed a $5.00 coupon for a local restaurant that will be “showing football games in early January.”

A coupon?! That’s supposed to make me feel better for possibly missing the premiere of “24”? How about they take the money that mailing cost and give it to Sinclair!

The letter also reminds me that I “can see many of [my] favorite programs free online.” Online?! What am I paying a cable bill for?!

It’s clear to me now that TWC has no backup plan and if a deal isn’t reached by January 12th, we will lose FOX and ABC for who knows how long.

You’ll excuse me if saving $5 on potato skins doesn’t make me feel better about that…