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Friday, December 15, 2006



Last night, I got some very disturbing news that may affect many of you as well.

Right on the heels of the dispute between Time Warner and WSAZ, there comes a dispute between Time Warner and Sinclair Broadcasting. How does this affect me and possibly many of you?

Sinclair Broadcasting owns both WCHS and WVAH. If an agreement is not reached by December 31st, former Adelphia customers now serviced by Time Warner could lose those channels.

That means no “24” and no “American Idol.” Now you know why I’m FREAKING OUT!!!

Now, I feel quite certain that Time Warner has some kind of contingency plan for us to pick up another FOX affiliate, because having a cable system without the number one show on television would be corporate suicide; but I have been a loyal watcher of WVAH since they were channel 23. It would be a real blow to lose them.

Since I missed the first part of the news story, I don’t even know what the issue is (something about transmission fees), but I implore both parties to come to some kind of agreement. I would be happy to offer myself as an arbitrator if necessary.

And I don’t know about you, but this constant threat of losing stations, is getting a little old. It starts to make you wonder if it’s even worth it to have cable anymore…