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Monday, October 02, 2006

A "Shark" in Familiar Waters...

I’ve never watched an episode of “House,” but Thursday night I did.

Only House was a lawyer named Stark. And the show was called “Shark.”

There’s been so much talk this season about all the shows trying to copy “24,” that no one’s even noticed this complete “House” rip-off.

Let’s see. Cantankerous older mentor? Check. Young doubting students? Check. Crazy circumstances that help solve everything in the end? Check.

Quite frankly, the only real appeal of “Shark” is James Woods. So, if you don’t like him, you’ll hate this show.

For the record, Stark is a hotshot defense attorney. But when a client he gets off commits another murder, he has a bit of a breakdown. So, the mayor asks Stark to come work for the DA’s office—much to the chagrin of the DA (the underused Jeri Ryan). Stark is given a team of young, inexperienced attorneys that he must school in the ways of being a legal shark.

There’s also a semi-interesting subplot concerning Stark’s relationship with his daughter. But the majority of the show is James Woods chewing the scenery as his co-stars stand around and watch.

Obviously, I’ve got no problem with cocky lawyers since I love Victor Garber’s Ron Trott on “Justice.” But whereas Trott actually comes off as likeable (due in large part to Garber), Stark just comes off as annoying.

And at least Ron Trott doesn’t resort to the Perry Mason-like confession.

If you’re a James Woods fan, you’ll want to check out “Shark.” Otherwise, just let it swim on by.