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Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Super Hero": A "Major" Disappointment?

So last week, the cute and endearing reality show known as “Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?” came very close to seriously ticking me off as my favorite, Major Victory, was nearly eliminated—twice.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Stan Lee had given an actual excuse for putting him on the chopping block. But instead, he told him he had a problem keeping his clothes on when he took his cape off so two elderly women could walk on it and again to connect with a felon during a challenge. “Would Superman take off his cape?” Stan asked.

Well, I don’t know about Superman, but Batman did it all the time if he needed it as a weapon. Personally, I think Stan was just trying to create some more tension (I know it got me.) before he eliminated the people who actually deserved it—Creature and Lemuria.

The challenges were clever this week as well as The Dark Enforcer interviewed the heroes’ family and friends to get dirt on each of them—which eliminated Creature when she was caught lying (not to mention that she had jaywalked earlier in the show)—and then the four remaining heroes had to perform secret tasks while talking to a convicted felon. Lemuria was eliminated when she failed to perform her secret task of sitting on the female felon’s lap. I kept waiting for the twist on that one, but apparently performance of the tasks (including rubbing shoulders, giving hugs and brushing hair out of the eyes) was what Stan was looking for. I’m willing to bet money that the felons were actors, but Stan never confessed.

With the final three standing alone—Feedback, Major Victory and Fat Momma—they each told Stan how much the experience has meant to them. Feedback got especially choked up as he told Stan, “You’re like a father to me,” since he used Stan’s comic books to help him deal with the death of his father.

At the end of tonight’s episode, there will be only two heroes remaining. The previews show even Stan getting choked up by the elimination. That makes me think it might be Feedback; but since I’m not having very good luck this week (Robert, what were you thinking!), I have a bad feeling I’m going to be in for a Major disappointment.

“Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?” airs tonight (Thursday) at 9 p.m. on the SciFi Channel.