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Monday, May 29, 2006

"Lost": "Other" Questions

Some of you may be wondering why I hadn’t posted anything about the season finale of “Lost.” Since I had only seen the last half-hour, I didn’t think it would be fair to judge the entire episode on those confusing (and unimpressive) 30 minutes.

So over the Memorial Day weekend, I watched the entire two hours. And I’m glad I did because it was actually kind of impressive.

But boy, did it leave a lot of questions and one big disappointment.

I’ll start with the disappointment. It’s becoming clear through first Hurley’s and now Desmond’s flashback that Libby has a pretty fascinating backstory. So why did the writers decide to kill her?

According to interviews I’ve read with the executive producers, it was their plan all along to kill Ana Lucia since Michelle Rodriguez only signed on for a year. But because her character was so hated, they needed to balance her death with a more sympathetic character’s demise. Since they had run out of story for Libby, they chose her.

But clearly, they haven’t run out of story for her at all and word is she will appear in more flashbacks next season. I would’ve liked to have seen what other secrets she may have in her closet. Especially if her husband, David, turns out to be Hurley’s invisible friend, Dave.

Now on to the questions. The biggest one involves Penny Widmore, Desmond’s girlfriend. I wouldn’t think that she would know to look for Desmond by electromagnetic activity, so I’m guessing she must have something to do with the entire Dharma initiative and it’s just coincidence (or fate) that Desmond is involved. It’s probably a safe bet that her father is involved too—or at least I hope so. Any day you can see Alan Dale (Caleb, “The O.C.”) in action is a good day. And this time he got to use his real accent! Maybe Mr. Widmore concocted some way to get Desmond on the island and out of his daughter’s life (So maybe she does know that the electromagnetic activity leads to Desmond). And since Penny is involved, does that mean Desmond will survive whatever it was he did to the hatch?

You have to admire the show. When they decide to end a storyline, they end it in style. Don’t want the characters to have to push the button anymore? Let’s just blow up the hatch! But did Locke and Eko survive? Eko I’m not so sure about, but Locke I feel certain we’ll see again.

And I enjoyed finally seeing Clancy Brown (as Kelvin, Desmond’s hatch mate). If his voice sounded familiar, it’s because he’s the voice of Lex Luthor in the “Justice League” cartoons as well as the voice of Home Depot.

There are also the questions surrounding The Others. Who are they? The one who posed as Henry Gale said they were the good guys. But what do they want with Jack, Sawyer and Kate? Why did they write Hurley’s name on the list and then let him go? Why did the one guy wear a beard? And will Michael and Walt really make it home? Why can’t they ever find their way back if they do?

After just watching the last 30 minutes, I was concerned that “Lost” may be going too sci-fi. But after watching the entire thing, it looks as if it may be exactly the opposite. It appears that “Lost” is getting away from the sci-fi and going back to the character interaction that first made the show a hit.

This compelling finale was a great place to start.