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Thursday, May 25, 2006

"American Idol": The Afterglow

A friend of mine told me today that only I could make online ticket buying dramatic, but if you were one of the thousands of people trying to buy "Idol" tickets this morning, you know that it was kind of a drama. I did manage to get three so I'll be there screaming with the rest of you.

As for last night's show, there are a few things everyone agrees on:

1) Meatloaf was horrible! MSNBC said he came off like a dirty old man leering at Katharine.
2) Prince was a welcome surprise.
3) Toni Braxton was not good. Some people criticized her singing, while others agree that she was a little inappropriate with Taylor. However, you might be interested to know that apparently Toni and Taylor walked off the stage hand in hand. Maybe he just thought that was his best defense!

Personally, I thought the show was pretty entertaining and by far the best "Idol" finale yet. Though the "Golden Idol Awards" were a little cheesy, the rest of the show had some fairly good performances (or at least interesting ones). And Prince was awesome. I hope the producers stick with this formula (with a tad less cheese).

Taylor will appear on "The Tonight Show" tonight (Thursday) and he and Katharine will appear on "Today" June 1st. Taylor's single is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, June 13th.