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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Deadly Monday

First of all let me pass along thanks to CBS for airing their entire schedule 20 minutes behind, which allowed me to see at least some of all of my shows. It also made things very interesting for my VCR.

Yes, Monday was a crazy night. But it was also a deadly night as the body count was extremely high.

I’ll start with “Prison Break.” I have to admit the guys got a lot further than I thought they would before the cliffhanger came down. And there were some interesting moments along the way. T-Bag thought he was being clever when he handcuffed himself to Michael to prevent Abruzzi from killing him. But Abruzzi pulled a Jack Bauer and chopped T-Bag’s hand off to release Michael from him, leaving T-Bag out of the race. However, by the end of the episode, he was off and running himself. Ironically, it was Tweener who seemed to be the safest after Michael made him go his separate way (Why didn’t Michael think of hiding in a horse trailer?).

Probably the most interesting moment of last night’s finale was the Vice-President managing to kill the President to save herself from The Company. I don’t even know what The Company is, but it was cool to watch Michelle Forbes grovel at the feet of the new president. However, the President may have a problem since Veronica found the very much alive (yet toothless) Terrence Steadman.

Most finales are not without their disappointments, and this one’s came as the police knocked down Dr. Tancredi’s door and found her dead from a morphine overdose. Her death came as no surprise, but it still hurt. I think we were all hoping she and Michael would meet up again someday.

When the show ended, T-Bag, Tweener and Haywire were on the run and the fab five were trying to outrun the police after Abruzzi’s man took off in the jet without them.

Strangely, “24” seemed to have the lowest body count of any of the shows I watched Monday—which is a good thing because it means that my guy Aaron is still alive. If it had worked out differently, though, I would have been okay since he would have had a great last scene to go out on. Who knew that the use of a person’s first name could be so biting (“Is there anything else, Charles?”) or so sweet (“Martha?”)? I cheered when Martha killed the Secret Service Agent, but couldn’t she have given Aaron a little kiss? I know she’s married, but he earned it!

I am, however, a little peeved that it looks like Jack is not going to kill Henderson. That guy’s got it coming. And I still haven’t forgiven the show’s writers for giving Tony’s killer my last name (Speaking of Tony, why does Jack never mention that when he’s listing Henderson’s sins?)!

Now, all you “Grey’s Anatomy” fans might start yelling at me, but I was a little disappointed with last night’s episode. Now, granted, I only saw the last 30 minutes; but it was just in time to witness another death, and this one hurt too. I knew that Denny was not going to live. The dead meat signs were everywhere. But for him to die alone while reading a magazine? I didn’t like it. As someone said at work this morning, wouldn’t he be under constant supervision? I also thought Izzie’s breakdown was a tad over the top (Apparently, I’m just not a Katherine Heigl fan.). It was nice to see Derek and Meredith hook up—although I’m not sure the hospital was the best place—but the “who will she choose” cliffhanger is probably a little deceptive since we know she’ll go with Finn. You don’t honestly expect Meredith and Derek to get together so soon, do you? I did appreciate Christina going to Burke after seeing Izzie mourn her lost love. And I’m guessing the reason Calleigh didn’t judge Meredith for her hospital tryst was because she had just had one herself. Ah, prom…

Which leads me to “CSI:Miami.” In the worst kept sweeps secret of the year, Marisol died—not of cancer, but from a bullet fired by a Mala Noche gang member. It reminded me of when Crockett married Sheena Easton on “Miami Vice,” only to watch her die by the end of the episode. We had pretty much forgotten about the Mala Noche since they first appeared in the season premiere, but they reared their ugly heads in a big way last night. I have to say I enjoyed watching Horatio and Delko go all Jack Bauer on that gang member. Since I only saw the last 20 minutes, I missed any clues as to the identity of the mole; but if this show holds to form, that story’s going to be a disappointment anyway. Anytime “Miami” tries to do an actual storyline, it blows up in their faces (Raymond’s alive, anyone?).

So, the President, a governor’s daughter, a Secret Service agent, a recovering heart transplant recipient and a police lieutenant’s wife--not to mention a beloved dog. Wow. Talk about your bad Mondays.