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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Personal Appeal to Chuck Lorre to Save Charlie Harper

Dear Mr. Lorre,

I know that you are probably very tempted to close the Charlie Sheen chapter of your life permanently by killing his character, Charlie Harper, on “Two and a Half Men.” There are reports that is exactly what you’re planning to do and that Charlie will die in a car crash with Ashton Kutcher’s character buying his house and allowing Alan and Jake to stay.

If that’s the case, it’s understandable. After everything he’s done, Sheen deserves it. But the fans do not deserve it. We have invested eight years into Charlie Harper and his shenanigans and we don’t want to see that time go to waste by watching the character die unnecessarily.

I know that if you do not kill the character, you will have to deal with the numerous rumors that Sheen is coming back or that you are asking Sheen to come back. But we, the show’s fans, understand that’s not going to happen. We just want to see Charlie Harper get the ending he deserves. Please hold your anger and allow Charlie to just ride off into the sunset with his stalker, Rose.

Sincerely, Your Fan,