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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Thoughts on the "Lost" Finale: ???

So I promised that I would post my thoughts about the “Lost” finale immediately after it aired.

But honestly, I’m not sure what to say…

Warning: If you have not yet seen the finale of “Lost,” stop reading now…

As the two and a half hours progressed, I found myself caring way more about the sideways world than I did the island world. Because in the sideways world, all of our favorites were reuniting. It was great to see Sawyer and Juliet and Shannon and Sayid back together again. Even though we didn’t know how or why.

And quite frankly, we still don’t really. Other than we know that somehow they all created this church as a place where they could all find each other. And so they left the world they created for themselves in death and reunited to move on with each other?

Did that make any sense to anyone?

Team Darlton said in the retrospective that it was more about the people on the island than the island itself and I think that was made pretty clear by the finale’s final moments. Although we were introduced to more mythology with Desmond putting out the light, we got no explanation of that at all.

In fact, we got very little explanation of anything related to the island. Darlton said there would be questions unanswered, but I never dreamed there would be this many.

Which leads to my big question about the finale. If the show was more about the people on the island than the island itself, then why have all that mythology at all?

To me, it felt like Team Darlton threw in all of those reunions so we’d be so happy about them that we’d ignore the fact that they didn’t explain anything about the island or what in the world the sideways world was to start with. We’d be so busy wiping away tears and swallowing away lumps in our throats (Thanks to a very well done score by Michael Giacchino.) that we wouldn’t stop to think about those pesky unanswered questions.

As far as interesting drama, I thought the first two hours and 15 minutes were pretty good. Minus the whole Desmond stuff that didn’t make sense. But that ending. I’m okay with them all reuniting in death. I think that’s nice. But the ending has left some people so confused that they think they died in the pilot. And we know that’s not true…

Don’t we?

So now it’s your turn. What did you guys think of the “Lost” finale. Sound off by posting a comment below or sending me an e-mail to