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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Only Show That Can Touch "Lost" Tonight

There is only one show capable of cutting into the ratings and buzz of the finale of “Lost” tonight. And would you believe it’s on NBC?

Real life has intervened with reality TV making “Celebrity Apprentice” one of the most-talked about shows on TV. And if Donald Trump is smart. He’ll take full advantage.

In case you don’t know, Holly Robinson Peete and Bret Michaels are competing for the title of Celebrity Apprentice and money for their charity.

But let’s be honest. If after everything he’s been through in recent weeks, Bret Michaels does end up sitting across from Donald Trump in the boardroom during the live finale tonight, is there any way the Donald can actually fire him?

I know that the winner is supposed to be based on the task at hand. And based on what I’ve heard, Bret is not handling this last task very well. But people will be tuning in to see if Bret can get a happy ending. And as big of a publicity hog as Trump is, I can’t imagine that he won’t give the people what they want.

Surely even Holly knows that. If I was her, I’d just give it to Bret right now…

The season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” airs Sunday, May 23rd at 9 p.m. on NBC…

Photo Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC