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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

24 Days of “24”: Will I Go Jack Bauer on “TV Guide”?

Normally, I’m very happy when my “TV Guide” comes in my mailbox. But tonight when I started flipping through it, I just got angry…

No surprise, “Lost” is on the cover—even though the finale will air before this issue’s listings begin. There’s a six-page feature on Team Darlton’s favorite moments. Okay, fair enough.

So what coverage does the finale of “24” get, which is actually airing during the listings week? One page. A “Keck’s Exclusives” feature that already ran on No spotlight in the Monday highlights. Not even a picture.

Is that how a magazine about TV should pay tribute to a show that changed TV as we know it? Need I remind everyone again that there would be no “Lost” without “24”?

I know I promised all of you more of the biggest moments in “24” history tonight, but because I’ve had a long night and I’m a little angry, I don’t think I would do them justice. So I hope you’ll all forgive me if I postpone posting them.

Tomorrow, 24 Days of “24” is scheduled to continue with comments from Mary Lynn Rajskub’s conference call…