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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"The Rachel Zoe Project" Review: On Another Level

If “The Rachel Zoe Project” was just about Rachel and her team waiting to see if FedEx delivers a certain dress on time or whether or not Taylor picks out the right shoes for a big star we never actually see, it would be a pretty boring show.

Thankfully, there is plenty of drama to fill the gaps between dress arrivals and shopping trips…

If you’ve never tuned in, “Zoe” follows Hollywood stylist, Rachel Zoe, and her team as they style some of the biggest names in Hollywood for the biggest events in Hollywood. This season, the team gets a wrench thrown in their process since the recession has caused designers not to produce as many dresses, leaving them fewer options from which to choose.

The important thing to note about the show is even though her name is in the title, Rachel Zoe is not the star. That would be Taylor, Rachel’s right-hand woman. Last season, Taylor was angry about Rachel’s hiring of Brad to join the team. This season, Taylor actually gets along with Brad. Now she’s angry that she’s still doing the same job instead of working with Rachel’s product line as she was promised.

If I had to pick the #2 star, it wouldn’t be Rachel either. That would be her husband and business partner, Rodger. I am always amazed at just how understanding he is about all the things in Rachel’s life.

I would actually rank Rachel #4 after Brad, who continues to bond with Rachel in a way that Taylor never has.

In the premiere, it’s Golden Globes time and Team Zoe is dressing five clients. To make things even more interesting, Rachel has decided to ask a designer to alter his design just for her client.

The second episode takes us to Fashion Week in New York where Taylor’s “I don’t care anymore” attitude really starts to show. And Team Zoe is up against the clock as it’s also Oscars time and Rachel has once again asked a designer to do something different to his design.

Last season, “Zoe” didn’t really get cranked up until about midway through, It looks like this season will get off to a much faster start.

As Rachel herself would say, it’s on another level. And that’s a good thing…

“The Rachel Zoe Project” premieres Monday, August 24th at 10 p.m. on Bravo…

Photo Credit: Andrew Durham/Bravo