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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Thoughts on the ABC and NBC schedules…

On paper, I think ABC has put together a good schedule. But honestly, I’m afraid to get excited about any of the new shows because every time I get into an ABC show, they ruin it.

However, I will say I’m intrigued by “V,” since I was a big fan of the original. And with Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet, “Lost”) as the lead, it should be good.

And just for the record “Lost” fans, this does not mean Mitchell is done with “Lost.” McPherson said today that he expects her to still be on “Lost.”’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Mitchell will appear in a limited number of episodes and will no longer be a series regular.

I’m also rooting for “Cougar Town” because of Courteney Cox Arquette and Josh Hopkins.

As for NBC, their schedule is pretty interesting. And quite honestly it has potential trainwreck written all over it. With Jay Leno on five nights at 10, NBC’s 10 p.m. shows have to move to early, trickier timeslots. Who would have thought “Law & Order” would ever air at 8 p.m.?

I do, however, applaud them for recognizing the benefits of a split schedule. Maybe condensed seasons of shows like “Chuck” and “Heroes” will actually help them…

What do you guys think? Are you super psyched for any of ABC or NBC’s shows? And are you as worried about this whole Jay Leno thing as I am?