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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Alert #2: “Death In Daytime”

Most people know Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott from “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

But I will always know her as look-alikes Kristen, Susan, Sister Mary Moira and Penelope from “Days of Our Lives” (She was so robbed of an Emmy.).

However, now I will also know her as a pretty good author after reading her first novel, “Death In Daytime.”

“Death” was in my stack of things to read for weeks, but there was always something else that took precedent. But one night I decided I would get started by reading a few pages before I went to sleep.

But the next thing I knew, it was very late and those few pages had turned into 150. I just couldn’t put it down…

The novel centers on Alexis Peterson, a 20-year daytime soap veteran. Marcy, the new head writer of her show, hates her and is trying to phase her character out. The two have had numerous arguments, including one in which Alexis threw an Emmy at her.

So when Marcy ends up dead, Alexis becomes the prime suspect.

One of the cops on the case is totally obsessed with Alexis’ character, while his partner has Alexis fascinated. But she already has Paul, a forensics expert that Alexis just can’t seem to commit to.

Of course, it’s her interest in Paul’s line of work that convinces her that she can solve the case herself—which of course leads to more trouble.

You would think that with this kind of novel by a daytime veteran that you would spend most of
the book wondering who she based her characters on, but you won’t. You’ll be too busy trying to solve the mystery and guessing what trouble Alexis will get into next.

Davidson’s writing style is so fun and breezy that you’ll get sucked in immediately. And the short chapters keep you turning and turning until you don’t even realize just how much you’ve read until it’s way past your bedtime…

I was a little disappointed with the ending until I realized that another book is planned that will continue the lives of these characters.

And based on the sneak peek we got of the next one, it’s going to be just as much fun…

“Death In Daytime” (SRP $6.99) is available in stores and online now…

Photo Credit: Berkley Obsidian Mysteries