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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help For the Holidays #9: "CSI" DVD Game

One of my favorite board games as a kid was “Clue.”
Well now Hasbro is using TV’s #1 show to turn that game on its ear…

The “CSI” DVD game basically uses the same principles of “Clue.” You gather evidence so that you can solve the case. But with “CSI,” you use forensic evidence to come to your conclusion.

And this game gives you the tools to gather the evidence—an investigation viewer and an evidence revealer.

Basically, each player takes turns gathering the evidence by playing different portions of the DVD. However, most clues are only for the player whose turn it is—if they have the proper tool.

You use the viewer to match the number on the screen with the evidence card. And the revealer allows you to detect whether a suspect is lying.

Just like with “Clue,” some parts of the DVD will help you and some won’t. But you won’t know which until you play them.

When you think you’ve got it all figured out, you make an arrest and then tell the timeframe of the murder and the weapon.

Because I wanted to see every detail, it took me quite a while to make an arrest. And even then I couldn’t narrow down the timeframe. Apparently, I wasn’t paying close enough attention. But I finally figured it out.

If you’re playing the game by yourself, gathering the evidence might seem a little tedious, but it’s necessary. However, if you’re playing with others, not everyone will get to see all of the clues, which makes it much harder to solve the case—unless you choose to work together…

The “CSI” DVD Game (SRP $19.99) is for 1-6 adult players and is available in stores and online now…
Photo Credit: Hasbro