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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

“BL” Takes On ABC

If you’re a fan of “Boston Legal,” you know the show is not afraid to go for the inside joke. And many of them come at the expense of its network, ABC.
Earlier this season, during his interview for partner, Jerry (Christian Clemenson) referred to the possibility of Denny, Alan and him leaving the firm. “Don’t think we haven’t been approached for a spin-off. The network certainly doesn’t want us.”

And all season long, characters have referred to “cancellation.”

But last night, the show took ABC head-on…

Catherine Piper (Betty White) returned for seemingly no reason until she convinced Carl Sack (John Larroquette) to take on a case for her—to sue the television networks for age discrimination. Carl’s “we’re mad as [heck] and we’re not going to take it anymore” speech was full of jabs at ABC (and other networks) for their love of shows that appeal to the 18-34 demo. “In fact,” Carl bellowed, “the only show that features adults over 50 as their leads is ‘Bo—‘ well I can’t say that because it will break down the wall.”

But “BL” wasn’t done breaking down the wall. In a classic balcony moment, Alan (James Spader) and Denny (William Shatner) discussed their glee over returning to the US Supreme Court:

Denny: “It’ll make a great finale…It’ll get ratings.”

Alan: “If they promote it. But apparently there’s a law against promoting us.”

See why I love this show so much?

Alan also referred to the “special nine o’clock start time” since “BL” is getting a two-hour send-off next week.

The only problem with having so many of these inside jokes is that it makes for a bit of an uneven episode. Of course, following last week’s fantastic hour, anything was bound to be a disappointment…

However, we did get one thing we’d been waiting for. It looks like Katie has decided to give things with Jerry a try. We didn’t get a big kiss or anything like that. Just a subtle “Let’s go for a drink, Jerry.” When Jerry said “as colleagues,” Katie responded, “Jerry, let’s just go for a drink,” and left the room. After taking a few moments to think over what she meant, Jerry climbed over his desk and ran out after her.

In a show as over the top as “BL,” sometimes it’s subtlety that makes the best moments…

But I’m guessing subtlety will not be on the menu for next week’s finale as Alan argues in front of the US Supreme Court to get Denny an Alzheimer’s drug he so desperately needs (It’s got Emmy bait written all over it.). And the firm must decide whether or not to sell out to a group from China. Plus, Carl and Shirley continue to plan their wedding.

ABC is not releasing a screener of the finale, nor are they sharing very many pictures from the episode, so I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen. But you can bet it will be a little sad and a little crazy with plenty of swipes at the hand who once upon a time fed them and now barely acknowledges their existence…

And since ABC refuses to give the show the love it deserves, I will be showing it some love of my own this week.

So, Stay Tuned…
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC