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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NBC to “Heroes” Chief: Don’t Worry About the World, Save the Show

If the “Entertainment Weekly” cover declaring the show in trouble wasn’t a tip-off, this will be.

At the prodding of NBC, “Heroes” creator/executive producer Tim Kring fired his two right-hand men, Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Kring has assured NBC that he will simplify the “overly complex storytelling structure to get back to the show's comicbookish good vs. evil themes and to emphasize character development more than plot twists.”

“Reporter” says that some NBC brass have been concerned that Kring had delegated too much of the writing duties to Alexander and Loeb, but “insiders” say he has been a “hands-on and diligent showrunner.” However, the show’s large cast and production requirements “suck up a lot of his time.”

May I propose a solution to that? Let the dead stay dead. One of the things that was great about “Heroes” in the beginning was with the wild twists and turns you never knew who would survive and who wouldn’t. But when the cast became so popular, they felt like they couldn’t get rid of any of them and any stakes were completely eliminated.

And as for the production requirements, stop traveling through time!

Now, you may be asking why this is getting so much attention. After all, lots of shows have gone downhill after a good first season. The answer to that is simple—NBC.

“Heroes” is the biggest thing they have and they can’t let it slip away…

Photo Credit: NBC