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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will “King” Get Yet Another Life?

Last week, I reported the sad news that FOX has cancelled “King of the Hill.” This week, I’m reporting that “King” may get yet another life…

“The Hollywood Reporter” is reporting that ABC is interested in picking up the show as a companion for its upcoming animated comedy, “The Goode Family,” which comes from the “King of the Hill” executive producers.

“Reporter” says that Comedy Central, FX and Cartoon Network may also be interested, but since the show is entering its 14th season, it would probably be too expensive for a cable network.

If another network does pick up the show, it’s possible “King” would end up airing on two networks at once since FOX’s run won’t end until next fall due to the amount of lead time on animated shows. More than likely, however, another network would wait until FOX was done.
Of course, FOX would probably then stretch it out as long as they could, so we'll see...
Photo Credit: FOX