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Saturday, October 11, 2008

McG Takes On the Boy Wonder

I’ve been so busy keeping track of the premieres that there is a ton of stuff I need to catch up on…

One of those is the announcement by The CW that it has ordered a pilot for “The Graysons,” a show that would follow Dick Grayson before he became Robin (as in Batman and Robin).

Two producers from “Smallville,” which has enjoyed a lot of success with the same formula with Superman, will executive produce this one.

But here’s the cool part. McG will also be an executive producer.

If that means we get a McG directed pilot, I am there. And if the show sticks to the original comic story of the Graysons being trapeze performers in the circus, couldn’t you just see McG’s stop-motion tricks with that?

Now it’s important to remember that a pilot order does not mean a show and the pilot may never see the light of day. But I’m going to stay hopeful…