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Friday, June 27, 2008

Andy Answers My Question…And Apologizes!

So, you’ll remember that I was a little fired up with Bravo after the “Top Chef” reunion when we never found out what Dale refused to talk about.

Well, Bravo’s Andy Cohen apologized for the oversight on his blog today, by explaining that the promo department took stuff out of the five hours of footage that was shot before the episode was edited together. “That was an error and that should’ve been in the show.”

Andy went on to say that he believes what Dale was referring to was either some kind of cursing he did, or a fight with Lisa.

Then he finished by saying, “I’m sorry that didn’t make it in, and that’s a good call and we should’ve done that.”

You’re forgiven, Andy. Just don’t do it again…

And even though he didn’t read my name—as he usually does with his viewer mail—he was absolutely reading my e-mail. You’ll notice it’s the same wording I used in my blog post.

I love you, Andy, but since you complimented me for making “a good call,” you couldn’t have mentioned my name?

You can see it for yourself here. It comes with 3:22 remaining in the video…