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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Actors Strike Update: Things Are Getting Nasty

I’ve always liked Alan Rosenberg. After all, he’s in one of my favorite TV movies of all time, “The Temptations” (He played Shelley Berger.).

But now, I just want him to go away…

Why? Because as the president of SAG, he is bringing us ever closer to another work stoppage when we still haven’t recovered from the last one.

As I posted earlier, Rosenberg is campaigning to get SAG members who are also AFTRA members to vote against the agreement AFTRA reached with producers. If the AFTRA deal passes, SAG will lose their bargaining power. And, since SAG has badmouthed the deal, it’s unlikely SAG will be able to get those same terms.

AFTRA will vote on its contract the first week of July.

In the meantime, several high profile SAG members are coming out in support of the AFTRA deal, including Tom Hanks. Sandra Oh of “Grey’s Anatomy” has been making calls on behalf of SAG’s “Vote No” campaign.

Let’s see. Tom Hanks vs. Sandra Oh. Not much of a contest, is it?

It’s important to note that Rosenberg has not asked for a strike authorization vote. However, that doesn’t mean a work stoppage isn’t still possible.

If SAG rejects the final offer—which may come this week—the studios could stage a lockout after the current contract expires on June 30th.

Stay Tuned…