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Friday, June 20, 2008

My Beef With Bravo

You guys know that I have nothing but love for Bravo. Without it, I would’ve never made it through a season without “24.”

So, you know when I attack Bravo, I must be really irritated…

For a solid week, Bravo promoted the “Top Chef: Chicago” reunion with Dale angrily saying, “That is something that I just do not want to talk about.” I even mentioned it in my Pick of the Week post, saying:

“Bravo is once again teasing us with a juicy soundbite from the show, but who knows what it really means.”

Well, I have watched the episode twice now and I still don’t know what it means. Because we never saw it. At no point during the hour did Dale ever say those words.

I am SO SICK of Bravo showing us promos or previews of things that never make it into the show. They did it constantly last season during “Project Runway” and they’ve done it a couple of times this season during “Top Chef,” but nothing this bad.

If you’re going to center an entire promotional campaign for a show around one moment, shouldn’t that moment actually be in the show?

Of course, we never saw Padma say “I’m shocked” or hear Andrew do his tiger noise either. Did the promotion department get a totally different tape than the one we saw or what?

And by the way, the one we saw was a great episode and one of the best Bravo reunion specials I’ve ever seen, but I was so disappointed by the fakeout that I couldn’t really enjoy it.

But it did teach me a valuable lesson. Never trust a Bravo promo…